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Keep Lady Cheeky’s Body-Positive Feminist Porn Alive #SaveLadyCheeky is in danger of being erased permanently from Tumblr. Lady Cheeky needs $1000 for a legal retainer in order to start the process of communicating and solving the issue The post Keep Lady Cheeky’s Body-Positive Feminist Porn Alive #SaveLadyCheeky appeared first on The Redhead Bedhead. Source link

The Best Gay Sex Positions You’ll Want to Try

When you think of gay sex positions, you probably think of porn performers with flawless bods and gazelle-like dexterity! Of course, they are paid good money to make sex look easy and effortless. But when it comes to trying gay sex positions in real life, regular folk can end up feeling awkward or showy. True lovemaking involves more than just an […]

Say it out loud – SEX-ED +

SEX-ED + is about dismantling taboos around sex, genitals and sexualities. We should be able to talk about it without stuttering or blushing, to better name our desires, pleasures, traumas, fears and pains. It is not yet a reality, but many of us are working to change that. Recently, moved by a surge in creativity […]

The Ultimate Sexual Position Guide

The Liberator Esse it the ultimate joy ride for any couple or trio. It provides an array of position possibilities and is capable of handling even your most creative desires. Designed with stylish high and low curves, this Shape is the perfect balance of aesthetics, practically, versatility, and is supremely comfortable. Whether you’re big or […]

Episode 16: What We Get Wrong About Men’s Sexual Desire

December 21, 2020 by Justin Lehmiller Sex and Psychology Podcast Episode 16: What We Get Wrong About Men’s Sexual Desire Play Episode Pause Episode Mute/Unmute Episode Rewind 10 Seconds 1x Fast Forward 30 seconds 00:00 / 40:28 Subscribe A lot of people seem to be under the impression that men’s sexuality is simple. They see […]

Bop Me!: Fingering Out the Oxballs Finger-Fuck Glove

Review by Josef Sv So, who remembers playing “Bop It!” as a kid? The hyperactive gadget spun sweat drops across your face with every call-to-action, barking in a “self-care, bro!” voice, commanding every slumber party with goofy authority. The circle-jerk of a game was about as awkward as puberty, as each player fumbled the toy […]

Doggy Done Better: Teaching an Old Position New Tricks

There are plenty of reasons why doggy is a staple sex act: it stimulates the G-Spot, feels super primal, and provides quite the enticing visual. While doggy is already a prime position, it can get even better! Try out these from-behind positions the next time you’re in the mood to hit it from the back […]

Fun Factory Miss Bi Video Review & Giveaway

I got to try out Fun Factory’s newest toy the Miss Bi and here’s my review in the form of a video (I’m so modern!). I apologize for the hugeness, I first broadcast the review on my Periscope channel so it is shot in “portrait” mode which makes it display huge. Also, I have a […]

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