Office flings and workplace romances

Many may say ‘you don’t shit where you eat’ but in reality, we spend a lot of time at work and well, we see people. Day in, day out. We get close to these people because we spend the majority of our time with them. Plus there’s nothing more exciting than have some eye candy to take you through those dragging working hours, or have a good flirt when out for a drink or ten.

But, happens when the look turns to touch?

According to Reboot Digital Marketing, while 46% of employers would rather their staff wouldn’t date each other, 48% of the surveyed admitted to having a fling with a colleague. Me? Guilty your honour. My last long term relationship came off someone who came in to replace me when I got a promotion, and it turned into an adult, serious seven-year partnership.

Have I been on the sour side? Yes. I had a brief liaison, a strictly “sexy fun” thing, that enraged someone else who was probably having the same fun as me with that very same guy (the dirtbag!), but this poor female was thinking they were in a relationship. At least I had some sense to keep a slight emotional detachment. So what happens when shit hits the office fan?

It’s not fun, let me tell you. I was questioned, received threats, received after midnight hassling text messages from the other girl and all sorts of grief as she said it was “my fault”. I knew nothing of course, and of course he denied everything.

Come to think of it, I was lucky – 4% have stated to have lost their job so it could easily have happened with that semi-stalker gal after me, and 22% admitted their partner in crime had to leave. Sleeping with your boss? For once, I haven’t been there, but you’re not alone:  22% ‘fessed up to it.

awkward wait what? GIF by The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

Risking the awkward, the loss of income and, God forgive, a heartbreak, is the thrill worth it?

Reboot Digital Marketing surveyed 2,466 people in the UK to get the juicy goss on office flings used in this piece.

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