A Guide to Worshipping the Mound of Joy

You might think a few strokes or sweet kisses between your lover’s legs might be enough for making them putty in your hands. But more than likely, you’re missing the most important element to them achieving climax—the clitoris. The clitoris is the land of plenty but it’s also complex territory. Women have so many erogenous hot spots, it can be overwhelming for anyone figuring out the exact combination for satisfaction and pleasure.

Understanding the art of clitoral pleasure is the key to getting your lover coming back for more. So, get comfortable and pay attention—here’s everything you need to know when it comes to pleasuring the ultimate mound of joy.

Refresher Course on Clitoral Pleasure

Here are some basic facts on giving clitoral pleasure—just in case you need it. The clitoris is a small bud-like formation located slightly above the opening of the vagina and near the top of the inner labia. The size and shape of the clitoris vary from person to person, as does the way they will react to stimulation. Packed with over 8,000 nerve endings, the clitoris is more sensitive than a penis and often becomes engorged during arousal.

Factoid —a vast majority of women require clitoral stimulation during penetration to achieve orgasm.

Helping Hands

If you’re feeling inspired and would like to use your hands for clitoral pleasure, here are a few techniques that can help guide the way. Now it goes without saying that clean hands and tidy fingernails are essential, especially when playing around such a delicate and sensitive area. Most people will find direct clitoral pressure and contact uncomfortable. Slow your roll before diving right in. Start the journey by stroking their inner thigh while gently moving inward and caressing either side of the clit. Don’t forget to include the labia before making the clitoris your final destination. Your fingers are nimble. So use them to your advantage and aim just below or above the clit while making small circular motions.

Take things up a notch, try using the Zumio S Caress. This discrete compact vibrator whirls around your erogenous zone for intense clitoral stimulation.

Stimulus Package

Clitoral PleasureWe’ve all heard the myth on how some people can become addicted to their sex toys. But what if we said giving clitoral pleasure is like having your cake and eat it too. No need to be intimidated, because this powerful plaything can definitely help you be in more places at once. Dial up the clitoral pleasure, especially during intercourse with vibrating cock ring like the We-Vibe Pivot Couples’ Cock Ring. The trick, however; is lining up your pubic bone to just the right spot and angle. Taking things slowly can really amp up the clitoral pleasure too. Once you get into the groove, they’ll begin thrusting upward for more.


Gentlemen? Ever try masturbating without some type of slippery agent? Well, the same goes when giving clitoral pleasure. When it comes to ensuring an optimal experience and sensation for your partner, a dabble of personal lubricant will be your best ally. There are a lot of creams and potions that offer tingling and numbing effects, but it’s best not getting too caught up in the newest thing. Instead, ask them what they prefer.

Mix Business with Pleasure

Your mouth (and tongue) are going to be your best aids when treating your partner to earth-shattering orgasms. Believe us when we say that most clit owners appreciate someone who is gifted in the art of cunnilingus. The wetness and warmth are obviously favorable when it comes to oral sex, as is your ability for mixing up the sensations. Let your lips and tongue participate in some teamwork.

Moving past the basic flick and swirl motions can really help show off your talent for clitoral pleasure. Try creating a bit of suction by taking the clitoris into your mouth and gently sucking or pulling away when they are close to orgasm. Blowing can also help heighten the clitoral pleasure sensations and help with prolonging the encounter.

Helpful Hint — Increase your oral sex stamina with the help of the Liberator Wedge. This piece of sex furniture not only serves them closer to your mouth but also prevents those pesky neck crinks.

Clitoral Pleasurea

The Real Deal

Let’s not forget our favorite the best sex toy ever created—the penis! Yes, the cock can end up being the most important tool for clitoral pleasure. Although a penis might not get too much face time with the clitoris, it’s worth making an introduction. We’re certain the penis and clit will become fast friends.

Before sex, why not try having your partner lay back on the Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo with their legs clamped together tightly (laying on the stomach works too). Then slide the member between their legs. Moving back and forth in this position lets the penis rub between the labia and, more importantly, directly over the clitoris. Not only does this trick feel great for both partners, it’s sure to heighten the collective arousal and result in perfectly timed orgasms for everyone.

Liberator: Clitoral Pleasure

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