Hustlers Interview — Jacq The Stripper

How did you get cast for HUSTLERS

I’m always going out to auditions, and this was one of many I was trying out for that week. I didn’t know much about the movie before auditioning, I just went in to the New York casting office and read for a couple roles, it was pretty chill. 

I think what got me the part was that I was so happy that day. I was laughing with the casting directors, just joking with them about my new sex life and dancing past, really feeling happy and present. I was just being myself that day, and it worked out. 

Tell us about your character, Angel: 

Angel is one of the bad-ass sex workers who works with Ramona and Destiny, getting revenge on the men who deserve it. Angel rocks a sexy fro and confidently seduces men to get her way. 

How did your real-life experience with SW help you prepare for your role on the big screen?

Before I was an actress, I was a dominatrix and a stripper. Those careers alone gave me extreme amounts of confidence that have served me every day of my life since. The confidence really came in handy when playing Angel, who is very determined and doesn’t waste time feeling shy. Nothing is hotter than a woman who owns her sexuality. 

What was your earliest memory of making music? 

I tried making music when I was about 15, just for fun. I like to experiment, but didn’t know how to pursue it as a career. It wasn’t until last year, when I started working with my music manager that I was taught the industry. I’ve been making a lot of new sounds lately… when I first got into music, I just wanted to vent, but now I”m really developing my voice, sound and style: fun, upbeat, and super femme. I’m inspired by making people happy and having a great time… I just want to spread girl power and good times. My Flava EP is going to be insane! 

What have you learned about yourself since you got into sex work? 

I got into sex work out of desperation, and it saved me. I was a foster kid, and after I was aged out of a group home at 18, I didn’t have anywhere to go and I didn’t have much money. I found an ad on Craigslist for dom work and it gave me a glimpse into a new world. It definitely made me into a more open-minded person, and I matured a lot faster than most people around me because of it. Stripping came later. I learned a lot about myself and about people in general. Most customers wanted a therapist, struggling with loneliness and desperate for human connection. I learned a lot about how men think and about what they find important in a relationship. It made me a great business person. I learned that I am intelligent and I can adapt to different clients and needs and talk my way through anything. I also learned that money makes me feel secure and powerful but having a man around who actually respects my mind makes me truly happy. I can’t stand the club environment anymore… it’s too hostile. I’m an empath, so all that sadness gets to me . 

What makes you really fucking good at your job? 

Even if I’m nervous af, I walk in a room and I own it. I am my biggest cheerleader, and my work ethic is unmatched. My hustle is boundless; I will outwork anyone.

What do you wish for other hustlers the world?

I hope for women to know how to transfer whatever they are doing into something they can monetize. Always have multiple streams of income, and: if you have a lot of social media fans, please turn it into cash.

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