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Good evening! So, how are y’all holding up, during the Great Quarantine of 2020? Holden is still going into work every day as usual, since the place where he works has been deemed an “essential business,” now that they have begun manufacturing protective masks. Meanwhile, I have been working from home since mid-March, when we returned from our latest trip to Texas. I haven’t been completely alone the whole time, because (finally) we have had workers in the house repairing the water damage that we suffered back in January. The downstairs room has been completely put back to normal, and the upstairs bedroom should be finished within a few days. So that’s good news, at least!

This week’s photos are from a far happier time — January of 2016, to be exact — as we were making plans for the trip to celebrate our tenth anniversary. I was checking out a road map while naked in the living room, as one does. ~C

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