8 Reasons Why He’s Breadcrumbing You

Situationships, ghosting, the girlfriend fluffer and now breadcrumbing.. It might sound like new words are being used daily to create different scenarios in relationships, but they’ve always been there, there just wasn’t a word to explain what was going on.

Breadcrumbing is when someone you may have an interest in doesn’t feel the exact same way, but enjoys getting your attention from time to time, giving you a bit of hope that you and them could go further, but it doesn’t. They come in and out of your life when they please by either liking a couple of your photos on the gram, start of an iMessage conversation and basically screw with your head by constantly cancelling plans.

When I was 19 I used to talk to a guy who would, as I would say ‘breadcrumb-the fuck–out of me’. In all honesty, he had a girlfriend so I should have known better. We’d talk from morning till night, and then he’d ghost on me. After a couple of days he’d reappear by texting and complimenting me, and like clockwork ghost on me again. It was frustrating as I was clearly setting myself up for disappointment.

Each time we spoke, I felt that’d it be different. Maybe he had dumped his girlfriend and was ready to pursue me seriously. No, he just enjoyed our conversations and the attention I was more than happy to give him.

I eventually grew tired and stopped contacting him and responding to his ‘Hey big head’ or flirty messages. Not falling for it again, thank you!

It seems as though breadcrumbing is happening more than ever, especially with the zillion ways of being able to interact with someone on social media. If they’re not commenting on a new photo you’ve posted on Instagram, they’re messaging you after you post a story or snap when you look really good.

It’s as if it’s an ego stroke for men, to know whether or not you will fall at their feet, and give them the attention they want.
Anyway, enough of my rambling. Below are 8 reasons as to why he’s breadcrumbing you. With a podcast from the second episode of Laid Bare, where talk about it too.

1.You fall for it… every fucking time.
He knows that when he’s bored, you will be there to fill up his time with your attention.

2. His girlfriend is a complete bore.
They’ve been together for years, however like most men he wants to have his cake and eat it too by starting inappropriate conversations with you.

3.They feel bad
The last time you spoke you probably may not have ended the conversation on the best of terms, causing him to feel guilty.

4.He’s busy and doesn’t realise he’s doing it
“We need to meet up and grab a coffee” after cancelling 3 times. Next.

5. Break up.
He just broke up with his girlfriend and wants to test the waters.

6. He likes what he saw
You haven’t spoken for a bit, but he suddenly remembers you, after uploading a flattering photo on social media.

7. Girlfriend fluffer
He’s doing it, till he finally sparks an interest out of the girl he really wants to be with.

8.He’s worried you’ll get attached.
You might have a deep history, and due to that it could possibly scare him off when a certain topic is brought up. Idiot.


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