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Y’all know by now, I think lube is important, and doesn’t get the recognition it deserves in the bedroom, or.. The workplace. Lube can be an incredibly effective tool in the kits of sex professionals and sex workers. I know it’s been a big aid for me in the video work that I do, but it extends to all areas of the sex work industry.

For long cum shows or sessions

Depending on the day, sex workers can be on the clock for a long time. Cum shows for streaming models can become particularly enduring, and full services workers might find themselves in extended penetrative sessions. Lube comes to the rescue of that raw vagina feel we all know and hate when you’ve had sex for longer than 30 minutes. Keep the party going with breaks, water, and lube!

Anal prep

Porn creators and sex workers are doing the most with their assholes, everything from dildo fucking to fisting to spitting marshmallows out. I’ve seen so much ridiculous, talented and daring things done to sex worker buttholes in my time. None of that would be possible without lube though!! Lube keeps everything slick & safe, so that assholes can be prepped, and objects can be eased into them. I recommend a thicker lube for anal, personally. My favourite lube to coat my bootyhole in SUTIL Rich.

Prep for taking dildos or dicks

Speaking of incredible sex feats, have you seen the dildos some of us take?? Giant, realistic or fantasy dildos are a very popular category for porn creators right now. Of course, vaginas & assholes need to be prepped and stretched for taking such monstrous sizes of phalises. Lube is the number one tool for helping us take such big items – it helps us not hurt ourselves when we’re making content for your pleasure.

Even for just regular sized penetratables (dicks & dildos), lube can help smooth the process along!

Getting & Appearing Wet

For a variety of reasons, not every person, or sex worker with a vagina can get wet for their desired sex work related activity. Arousal in general can be difficult to navigate (I recommend checking out Emily Yosanski’s Come As You Are for more information on that), but some times we don’t have the time to get aroused. Here’s what some sex workers said in regards to getting and appearing wet…

Cum lube (simulating creampies)

Probably one of my favourite reasons for using lube when I’m working, personally. If you’re looking to recreate a cum shot or creampie, lube is the best way to do so! Choose a creamy looking lube, load it up into a syringe, and voila! Your very own cum shot cannon. Cum lube is also used in squirting dildos, where the lube can be pumped through a tube in the middle of the dildo for ejaculation. Choosing a good quality lube over other materials in this situation allows for you simulate cum in a safe and natural-looking way. These a popular props amongst indie porn makers like myself.

Jerk off Instructions

When I put out a call on Twitter asking for sex worker’s experiences with lube, this tweet from Cheryl Black brought up a great point which I didn’t even think about:

Sex workers are not just sexual entertainers and service providers, but educators as well.

Lube decreases STI transmission

Utilizing delicious slippery lube during sex can actually aid in preventing STIs. Lube reduces friction, and in doing so reduces the number of tiny cuts and tears that can happen during sex. Lube can also lower the chance a condom tearing too, so it can aid in reducing risk of transmitting infections.

What do you use lube for??

This post is sponsored, but as always, all writing and opinions are my own!


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