Reckon you’re an expert at giving head? Find out with Love Academy : Sex & London City

Having been through both the beginner and intermediate courses, it’s fair to say you’re reaching expert level of oral sex. Good job honey! Pun intended.

But what else is there to learn now?

With the expert course, learn about introducing skills such as anal play and deepthroating, techniques often seen in porn, plus some seriously awesome tongue moves to take your blow jobs to the next level.  Ideally, this course is for people who are confident with communicating and performing oral sex, but want to take it to the next level, both physically as well as an emotional level too.

The emotional connection between the two of you is just as important, so you’ll also learn how to develop a healthier relationship managing the negative emotions. Also, get to know more about the prostate gland from both a biology direction to pleasure techniques ideas.

If you’ve yet to do the previous courses, it is advised to start there rather than head straight into the expert course, but that does depend on person to person and previous experience. As with all the courses, your special kit that gets delivered includes a realistic dildo, a prostate health vibrator and a pack of assorted condoms.

As for the course itself, it’s split into two key categories: Theory and Practice. Love Academy suggests, for optimum results, to alternate between theory and practical learning, but of course it is down to you as to how you use the online courses. Every section has a completion column to ensure you keep on track with your progression.

Lena Fenton hosts the theory side, and addresses some major thoughts, worries and concerns that many have when giving head, including the dreaded gag reflex.  She discusses different types of sperm (and flavours), how to hold off an orgasm or bring one on (yas) and specific ideas to explore in the bedroom, as well as much deeper more intimate issues. Such as, psychosexual therapy, sex therapy, couples therapy and how to talk about sex together. This course goes way beyond just giving the best head ever – it really digs deep to help your relationship blossom.

Along with Lena’s insightful theory videos you can enjoy Dominic and Sophia’s practical tutorials. In this course, they teach you advanced hand and mouth techniques, popular techniques that involve extra materials and all things deep throat (and once again, avoiding that pesky gag reflex).

They also head down the darker avenue of rough oral sex and how to do it properly and make it enjoyable, things commonly seen in porn and whether they’re worth doing and incorporating anal sex into oral sex which also includes the prostrate.

There’s so much to say in this course many subsidiary categories have been split into part 1 and part 2, giving you lots to sink your teeth into (pun intended, although don’t bite down when giving head is a basic rule don’t you think?).  There is also a summary of the previous two courses too, to ensure what you’ve learnt has been remembered.

To also double check that you’ve mastered the art of oral sex, try the quiz out first before watching any lessons, to enable you to easily recognize your improvements later. Once you’ve nailed the course (excuse the pun) and mastered all the lessons, a certificate will be awarded upon quiz passed.

And that wraps up the elearning online portion of Love Academy. You can now officially have bragging rights of being an expert at giving master head!

As for my personal opinion on this course? I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. Not because I have aforementioned bragging rights, but because I’ve learnt so much more than I first expected. The psychological side to sex, love, intimacy and lasting relationships between people fascinates me. I found these three courses really opened my mind to a lot of issues and obstacles I never really thought of, as well as helping me understand sex is absolutely not just physical. In fact, to me I now think sex is more emotionally led than the physical side and particularly with Lena’s videos, I feel very well equipped to handle it. So thank you, Love Academy, for the epic insights.

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