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Brave New Anti-Virus World

The Leader’s face filled the screen in the main plaza, with each shocking new word of the breaking news broadcast reverberating through the gathered crowd as well as the PA system. Isabelle was amongst the thousands who had obeyed the instruction to attend today’s urgent public announcement, and she took a moment to reflect on the decisions which had brought her to this point.

Over a decade earlier she’d answered the call for volunteers to establish a society on a recently discovered planet: Corona. Gender didn’t matter; the government had three conditions only – that you were an adult of sound mind, obtained documentary evidence for a full, clean bill of health and were willing to forfeit your ability to reproduce. Isabelle had never experienced the so-called maternal instinct others had, and knew she’d pass all the health checks required. With no ties to her home planet, and with her wild spirit and destiny spurring her on, she’d made the life-changing decision to leave… forever.

After ten years living and working in their new environment, the volunteers had plenty to feel proud about. The economy was established and booming, thanks to exponential growth in all trade sectors. Businesses had been created and developed, working in harmony with each other to employ, clothe, feed, house and pay all inhabitants, as well as provide various pleasure pursuits. It was a good life.

It had been a good life. Isabelle felt an icy fear tighten around her heart and throat as she came back to the present; to today’s devastating news.
The Leader’s voice reiterated the main points: there had been several deaths in one of the planet’s medical research facilities. The deaths were at first thought to be of natural causes, but as time passed the authorities could no longer contain or deny the truth. An incredibly dangerous virus was on the loose. It was highly infectious. Expect major changes in your day-to day lives. Protect yourself and others. This is life or death. All inhabitants must abide by the new laws and restrictions. Effective immediately.

Laying Down The Law

Brave New Anti-Virus WorldOnly essential travel was permitted, for example to purchase food, drink and other necessary supplies. The authorities knew inhabitants would be anxious for information – the Leader had continued – about how people could protect themselves and how they could help stop the virus spreading. Every available medical researcher was working on a vaccine; until that became available it was imperative that everyone follow the new day-to-day rules.

As horrific as they were, everyone had to follow the new rules. Isabelle attempted, unsuccessfully, to swallow the fear back down her dry throat as the Leader repeated the main points.

Research had proven that wearing clothing helped spread the virus, therefore no clothing of any type was permitted to be worn outside of the home.

Scientific studies had also shown that higher arousal levels provided a temporary boost to immunity to this virus. Therefore, during all essential travel outside the home, pre-sanitised self-arousal accessories were strongly recommended. People should ensure they were adequately self-aroused during their essential trips out by using a vibrating butt plug, jiggle balls, nipple clamps, cock ring or other such toys.

Isabelle felt like she might faint. Like much of the surrounding crowd she crouched down with her head in her hands, wishing she were alone, struggling to take it all in. The grotesque surprises didn’t end there.

Within the hour, the authorities would send a text message to every inhabitant’s mobile device. This message would contain details of their new classification. There would be class A and class B males, and class A and class B females, based on identity details provided to the government as part of the planet’s initial habitation.


These 4 classifications of persons were described as follows:

Class A males – Class A, or alpha males, had to maintain a strong erection as often as physically possible. In addition, alpha male ejaculate had been proven to contain virus immunity-boosting properties. Therefore, alpha male cum must be deposited as often as possible into type B persons of any gender, to share the immunity-boosting properties between all involved.

Class A females – Class A, or alpha females, were advised to orgasm as regularly as possible in order to boost their immunity. This could be in a manner of their choosing; for example by sexual intercourse with an alpha male, or receiving oral sex from a class B male or female.

Alpha persons’ classification status was to be marked by a state-issued tattoo.

Class B males – Class B, or beta males, had to submit to having their genitalia locked into one of the new government-issue chastity devices provided for them. Release codes for these devices would remain protected under the official secrets act. Beta males’ immunity could be boosted by ingesting the build-up of their seminal fluid, which could only be released via prostate milking and/or nipple stimulation, enabled or supervised by an alpha male or female.

Class B females – Class B, or beta females, had to be flooded with an alpha male’s cum as often as possible in order to boost their immune system against the virus. This could be vaginally, anally or orally. Beta females were permitted to orgasm as long as they gained express permission from an alpha of any gender.

Brave New Anti-Virus WorldBeta persons’ classification status was to be marked by the permanent wearing of a slender metal collar, issued and fit by the government.

As the horrific announcement finally came to an end, a wave of buzzes and pings rippled through the crowd. Isabelle felt the familiar vibration of a text alert from the cell phone in her pocket. With trepidation, she retrieved it and read the new message:



Adapting To A New Way Of Life

Six weeks had passed, and society had mostly adapted to the enforced lock-down and new laws. As was to be expected, there were those who thought they could flout the rules… on-the-spot fines had mostly ended all that. A police officer inserting and inflating a butt plug into the arse of disobedient types, a plug which would not deflate for a minimum of 8 hours – or demanding immediate, public and extremely humiliating sexual favours – had helped cement the importance of staying home unless you could prove your trip was absolutely necessary.

The virus which held the planet in its grip spread easier amongst people who weren’t sexually aroused and who wore clothing. Therefore, remaining naked, aroused and engaging in sexual activities while outside of the home was safe and sensible. In any case, these things were prescribed by law.

Being classified as alpha or beta had caused divisions and ructions, but the authorities remained steadfast. The classification tattoos and collars introduced a previously unknown class divide to inhabitants, a sense of superiority or inferiority. The classes, along with their mandatory prescribed behaviours, actually helped people adapt to this new way of life.

Up to now, Isabelle had managed to stay safe and stay home, attempting to get her head around everything and cope with the new normality –as well as her new collar. It was comfortable enough, just a slender, rounded, metal collar without any clasp as far as she could figure, but what it denoted didn’t feel comfortable at all. That afternoon six weeks ago, when the state officials had fitted hers at Station 5 along with many thousands of others, she’d considered resisting. But what was the use?

She’d surrendered.

And now, she had to surrender again. Despite doing her best to make the supplies in her modest home last as long as possible, the cupboards, fridge and freezer were pretty much bare. There was no getting away from it –she had to go shopping.


Shopping For Essential Supplies

Brave New Anti-Virus WorldAs Isabelle switched off the engine and stepped out of her car, it felt like all eyes were upon her naked body. Having almost crashed the car a few times en route, thanks to distracting naked pedestrians doing their best to remain sexually aroused, she was relieved to finally be there. She had decided to go to the supermarket as early as possible, hoping to avoid the crowds –but it seemed like many others had the same idea.

A parking space had eventually been found at the back of the car park, annoyingly with the most distance to walk to the doors. The morning sun glinted off her metal collar, announcing her beta status to the onlookers. She couldn’t help feeling intensely aroused despite being flushed with humiliation – maybe even because of it. This new amalgamation of emotion and physical stimulus was confusing her. The sizeable anal plug and lightly-weighted nipple clamps she’d decided to wear were definitely playing their part.

The embarrassment was undoubtedly horrific, but with the alternative being potential death, Isabelle didn’t have a lot of choice.

She haltingly made her way across the supermarket car park, her anus clenching round the plug filling her arse, causing her arousal to heighten. The constant tease of the clamps pinching her nipples, combined with the tiny weights’ motion as she walked, soon meant her clit was screaming for attention. Her natural lubrication had already gathered just inside her pussy entrance. When she dared look up, she was amazed by the goings-on around her.

In one of the parked cars on the right, a clearly alpha female had her legs spread and feet up on the dash. With her head back against the headrest, eyes closed and red lips in a snarl, she fucked herself with abandon –and what looked like an enormous dildo, from what Isabelle could glimpse from the frenzied thrusts in and out.

She gulped a deep breath and carried on walking towards the supermarket entrance. The space behind a parked car further down on the other side revealed a naked woman, stood with hand on hip berating what was obviously a beta male on his hands and knees in front of her. She wore no collar –another alpha. In her other hand she held a remote control –for the beta male’s state-issue chastity device, which was electrified, or for vibrations from the butt plug in his arse, Isabelle had no idea. Perhaps both. He wore his beta collar as well as the chastity cage, and as Isabelle got even closer she saw a small pool of fluid glistening beneath him.

“You know the rules, you stupid boy! And they’re for your own good!”

“I’m sorry Mistress…”

“If you leak, you lick it up. And no I don’t give a shit that it’s on the ground! Lick it up… NOW!”

The woman whipped her head around to see who was approaching as Isabelle ducked hers down quickly and carried on. Peripherally she saw the beta male lower his face to the floor, complying with the alpha woman’s orders, no doubt.

She shivered at the combination of surprise, humiliation and arousal that washed over her but there was no time to recover. By the store’s entrance she saw all manner of activities which would previously have been deemed utterly depraved, not to mention illegal… but in this brave new world were simply the safe and caring actions of law-abiding citizens.

Brave New Anti-Virus WorldAn alpha male had a beta woman forced over the front of a line of trolleys parked by the store’s entrance, her long hair wrapped round his fist as he drove his hard cock into her pussy over and over again. The woman’s breasts were squashed up against the cold metal ahead, while she was stretched on tiptoes taking his aggressive sexual onslaught and vocally thanking him for it at the same time. Another alpha guy was leaning against the doorway while a caged beta male had the alpha’s cock buried deep in his throat.

A beta woman pulled up on a bicycle to just by the doors. As she slid off with her face aglow, Isabelle gasped as she noticed the glistening saddle. It was no ordinary saddle. This had been specially designed; a one-piece silicone saddle creation with a realistic phallus pointing straight up in its centre. This woman had literally ridden her bike all the way to the supermarket.

As Isabelle finally entered the store she passed an alpha woman just inside the entrance, scrolling on her phone. The woman was knelt and sat on a beta girl’s face, obedient tongue no doubt attending her alpha clit and french-kissing her pussy.

Isabelle desperately struggled against touching her own clit at the excessively explicit live porn she’d been audience to just from the car up to this point. She knew though, that touching herself there would pose a severe threat of exploding in a powerful orgasm pretty much immediately. Tempting, but she’d lose her highly aroused state which boosted her immunity and legally enabled her to shop for the vital supplies she needed.

Fuck. Focus. Shop.

Trolleys & Baskets

Selecting a trolley or a basket was the next turbulently erotic task. Becoming a supermarket trolley or basket was a new employment opportunity the virus had provided. Jobs were increasingly scarce; every opportunity needed to be considered.

Brave New Anti-Virus WorldTo the right, your choice of trolley style. A selection of beta women bent over trolley fronts, legs spread so their lubed entrances were shown and readily accessible, each leg bent and around the sides of the trolley and fastened into position. Arms outstretched downwards into the trolley and fixed into place. Shoppers pushed the trolley handle around the bent over, bound body of the beta woman, who could be manually stimulated – or fucked – vaginally or anally at any time.

Other trolleys had a beta male in front of them. They pulled the shopping trolley around the store for shoppers via a chain travelling from where it connected to the front of their chastity device, through their legs backwards to the front bar of the trolley. Their locked cock stretched backwards in this way, pulled between their thighs painfully, with wrists shackled behind their backs. Butt plugs inserted for added stimulation for all. Shoppers could help by pushing the trolley too of course, if they felt enough sympathy for the beta male.

If you didn’t require a trolley, to the left were a line of baskets. Various beta males sat kneeling, buttocks to heels, hands slightly raised and together in front of them like puppy paws in supplication. A shopping basket was attached to the backs of their cuffed wrists, with added adjustable nipple chain fixtures to ensure the basket was secure and steady.

Choosing a beta male shopping basket revealed that they had been sat on an enormous phallus while waiting to be chosen, and Isabelle couldn’t tell whether the whimpers when they were selected were from being forced to endure the humiliation of raising themselves off the huge rigid dildos, the extreme anal stimulation that came with the motion of sliding off them, or both of the above.

Beta female shopping baskets were also awaiting selection by customers. The women were bent forwards, buttocks pressed to the wall directly behind them. They’d been backed onto a line of phalluses on the wall, like a low line of cock shaped coat hooks – and this line of cocks amply filled every beta woman’s pussy. These women also had baskets in front of them steadied by resting on supplicant wrists in cuffs and secured by auto-adjusting length nipple chain attachments.

Should shoppers select a beta female shopping basket, who then walked upright to assist the shopper and enable the use of the basket, the stimulation from the phallus they’d been ‘hooked’ on prior to selection needed to be continued through the shop. Alpha male shoppers obviously had their own ways and means, plus customers were invited to choose from the various size vaginal dildos and/or anal plugs provided in a basket nearby. Huge pump dispensers offered a squirt of immunity-boosting lube to aid insertion: donated alpha male cum.

The supermarket obviously took the health and safety of their staff seriously, with maintaining staff arousal levels and therefore boosting their immunity a clear priority. All butt plugs, clamps and accessories worn by the beta male and female ‘trolleys and baskets’ staff had vibrations controlled by a control panel on the trolley or basket handle. Of course, this provided bonus amusement and arousal for their customers too, so it was a win-win situation all round.

Choosing Her Vessel

Isabelle felt almost paralysed by the sight, an intensely overwhelming display of public nudity, arousal and humiliation. Her own nakedness felt slightly less shameful now it was obviously not exclusive, and now that she’d witnessed the many depraved happenings around her. As her feelings of humiliation dampened, it allowed her arousal to soar. Her clit ached mercilessly, while the pussy juice which had accumulated just inside her private opening spilled out to freely trickle down the inside of one thigh. She felt the warm slipperiness as she stepped forward to choose the vessel for her shopping. What should she choose, trolley or basket? And what… type?

As she needed pretty much all her groceries and household supplies replenishing, Isabelle knew she’d need a trolley. The beta girls bent, spread and bound over the trolleys were alluring with their glistening orifices ready for discovery and abuse, but she didn’t feel confident about pushing round another aroused, naked woman. She would be in charge of the beta woman’s arousal as well as needing to keep her own arousal levels high, but in check. Far too much to think about. A beta boy trolley it was then; one of the chastity-caged, collared males ready to painfully tug her chosen groceries and other supplies around the store to the check-outs.

The beta male Isabelle selected was older but looked strong. She motioned to him that he’d been selected – and he obediently moved forwards into the store, helping pull the trolley along with the chain between his legs much like a pony pulling a cart. As he walked forwards Isabelle could tell the tension of the chain and the motion of walking was stimulating the butt plug buried in his rear –oh, and then she remembered she could control the vibrations in his plug with the trolley’s control panel. Another surge of natural arousal made its escape between her legs.

She couldn’t help it, she was going to have to give it a try. The control panel was simple enough to figure out – not like it could be complex with everyone stumbling in an aroused daze – so she ramped up the vibes in the beta male’s butt plug. A low moan almost escaped her throat as she saw the muscles in his buttocks respond to the new surge of stimulation deep within him, contracting and trembling as the rest of his body arched back in surprise. She thought she heard a slight yelp… the increased anal stimulation would have had a definite effect on the contents of his chastity cage, too.


Isabelle’s nipples ached with the clamps and weights attached, and she craved just a few moments alone so she could relieve the sexual tension centred in them, as well as in her silently screaming clit. Her pussy walls contracted, looking for something to grip and be fucked by, while the contoured plug buried in her own arse teased with every step. She had to get this shopping done, she told herself determinedly. Frazzled with distraction she tried to shake off the various sources of stimulation long enough to select the groceries and supplies she’d come out of the house for.

Brave New Anti-Virus WorldAs she moved round the store, following the beta male pulling along the trolley, Isabelle tried to remember exactly what she needed. She felt she might as well grab whatever items she could while she was here, but a few essential items were forefront in her mind. Milk, bread, eggs, loo roll, hand wash.

She was halfway down the pasta aisle when she felt someone staring at her. That sensation of someone’s eyes upon you? It’s even more noticeable when you’re naked in the middle of a supermarket. Naturally she turned to discover who was paying her this extra attention. The man was tall, well-built, with dark hair and even darker eyes. They looked almost entirely black –and he looking at her so lasciviously with them that her breath caught in her throat. With a growing sense of dread, she registered something else. No collar.

Fuck, an alpha.

The Fucking

Isabelle knew she was fucked. Literally. By law, any alpha male could choose to fuck her at will and she had to oblige. In any case, his cum boosted her immunity to the virus. She had to admit to herself that he was good looking, well-endowed… plus, her need to orgasm was building to an undeniable level. She was fast reaching a point where she’d do anything to just relieve that pressure and cum. Anything. Fuck, fuck, fuck. He was looking better with every passing second.

Brave New Anti-Virus WorldThe alpha had obviously made his mind up already, unaware of Isabelle’s arousal-induced predicament. All the supermarket aisles, including theirs, contained shoppers milling about collecting what they needed – but in that brief moment it was as if the two of them were there alone. In their own private space.

Isabelle flitted between being painfully aware of the other shoppers, who were beginning to notice the start of some hardcore sex action in their midst, and not giving a damn who was present or watching. Even the beta male trolley-puller had turned around and was doing little to disguise his lecherous interest.

The alpha male’s masculine scent eroded the rest of Isabelle’s defences as he reached her, and he wordlessly spun her to face the shelves stacked full of boxes and packets. With a low snarl he bent her forwards, a hand clawing around her neck while his other moved her hips to press against his impatient erection. Isabelle’s mind whirled, thoughts of groceries and shame and normality entirely erased by the unrelenting throb of need raging through her, as incessant as her heartbeat.

Positioning himself at her slick and overtly ready entrance, he reached round to maul at her breasts, already abused by the weighted clamps. What was left of her vision deserted her. She reached forwards to steady herself on the shelves she knew were there, feeling packets tumbling to the ground as she blindly knocked them aside. His powerful hand moved from molesting her breasts to wrap round her hair, pulling her head up and back, forcing Isabelle to become the star performer in his perverted sex show for any onlookers. In the back of her mind she knew a crowd had gathered to watch – she didn’t dare open her tightly closed eyes to confirm that assertion. She just knew. Her face flushed with a heat so intense she felt sweat trickle between her breasts, and down her back.

It was time. His alpha shaft thrust powerfully into her well-lubricated entrance right up to the hilt, just as his thumb pressed against and cruelly teased the base of the plug buried in her arse at the same time. Isabelle couldn’t hold back, she cried out at the sudden sating of her wish to be thoroughly filled and fucked.

Time and again the dominant stranger pulled away then slammed back into her grateful cunt, hands moving between her neck, clamped breasts and teasing her plugged arse. It was all Isabelle could do to remain upright on his cock, holding onto the shelf ahead for what little support it offered. The stimulation reached its pinnacle for her almost before she knew what was happening – she didn’t usually orgasm from simple penetration, but this time was oh, so different. Her now-painfully clamped tits, the plug mercilessly twisted and teased in her tight rear, the fact she was being used as this alpha man’s relief toy and cum receptacle, and all in public… it was too much.

As he pulled back once more, she dared move one hand from the shelf to reach between her legs, seeking out her exposed, erect, pussy-juice slicked clit. It only took the lightest brush of her fingertips over her small, tightly bound bundle of tingling nerve-endings – and she came. The alpha thrust his length gloriously deep inside her pussy, and Isabelle cried out with a shudderingly violent orgasm that tightened her pussy further round his obliging, pulsing cock.

There was no time to recover. Her orgasm compelled his alpha cock to even greater urgency, the post-orgasmic contractions of her pussy massaging his hard, ready shaft until he could hold back no more. A shuddering grunt from behind her asserted the arrival of his own climax, only a second before she felt the hot liquid warmth filling her intimate region. A few more frenzied thrusts and internal spasms from his spent cock, and he pulled out without care for her sudden emptiness.

Isabelle didn’t know if it was seconds or minutes before her sight and sanity was restored enough to loosen her grip on the shelf ahead, but it was certainly long enough for the predatory stranger to have left the aisle, abandoning her to a cruel and shameful walk to the checkout. In a dream-like daze, she somehow managed to stumble to the tills, pay for her shopping and walk as fast as her aching legs would carry her to the car. Shopping shoved into the back and starting the engine, Isabelle felt the alpha male’s cum pooling beneath her on the seat already. There was no escape. This was her new normal. And she didn’t know when, or even if, it would all end.

Brave New Anti-Virus World

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