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So we’ve unpacked the beginner’s course (if you haven’t yet, catch up here) and now it’s time to deep dive into the intermediate course of the Love Academy: An online elearning platform for oral sex. The intermediate course is for people who are comfortable giving oral sex, but are looking for exciting new ideas to help them strengthen their relationship, and skills, when it comes to foreplay in the bedroom.

The course goes beyond the standard ‘how to give a blowjob’ advice, which is what I really like about it. In fact, it discusses much deeper issues, such as cardiovascular health and physical and psychological dysfunctions, as well as gaining psychological benefits of managing your emotions. It’s more than just a ‘good BJ’ course, much more. Oh, and it also sends a handy package to every user to help them master what they learn.

The kit that gets delivered includes a realistic dildo, a cockring with ultra-powerful vibration and Dots & Ribs condoms, 12 pack.

As for the course itself, it’s split into two key categories: Theory and Practice. Love Academy suggests, for optimum results, to alternate between theory and practical learning, but of course it is down to you as to how you use the online courses. Every section has a completion column to ensure you keep on track with your progression.

During the theory, Lena discusses specific sexual elements that include pornography benefits and disadvantages, making oral sex as part of your lovemaking, new ideas to explore in the bedroom with your partner, what benefits climaxing offers and also, why it has been said that the largest sex organ is the brain.

But she also moves deeper than this (which was where she really held my personal interest) and looks into cardiovascular health and how to maintain a strong erection, the psychology behind dysfunctions as well as decreasing your stress levels (which in turn improves your sexual connection). She says how stress is the biggest passion killer, and is physical, mental and emotional. We all live through daily stress, what with our careers, family, friends and finance – but how do we keep our levels of arousal high and a strong desire for sex? Lena addresses this, and much more, in her online tutorial videos.  They’re well worth a watch.

As for the practical, just like the beginner course, Sophia and Dominic talk us through various ways to up our blow job game. They deliver mouth and tongue techniques, discuss the addition of lubes and toys into your oral sex, explore how to make a blowjob feel like a full sex act and even talk about whether to spit, or swallow.

If you’re a bit self conscious and you’re worried about how you look when you’re giving head, the pair also discuss how to improve the visual aspect of oral sex. Confidence is sexy! They also show you where to place your hands to make your man look bigger, if he is the one who may have body confidence issues. Let’s call it, stroking his ego – quite literally.

I won’t expose much more (excuse the pun) because nobody likes spoilers. To find out what the sex educators say in full, you can sign up for the course, or the next level if you completed the Beginner’s Course, by clicking here. Enjoy!


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