Mutual Masturbation: Tips & Techniques for Increased Intimacy

Mutual masturbation can be one of the most intimate forms of sexual expression. Couples who play this way together not only satisfy their voyeuristic and exhibitionist tendencies but they also build a deeper bond of trust and intimacy—which is why it is a shame that 43% of married couples polled do not engage in this intimate act.

Why you should go for mutual masturbation:

  • It’s a great way to deal with differing sex drives.
  • You can learn more about what your partner likes, and teach your partner what works for you.
  • It opens the lines of communication. It’s a powerful way of sharing a new level of intimacy.
  • Everyone involved has a satisfaction guarantee.
  • It’s a great substitute for oral sex or penetration.

There are no limits to what you and your partner can do. No matter if you have all night, are rushing out the door, or are near or across the globe, there are plenty of ways to get down and dirty with the one you love. In fact, you should be involving your partner in this intimate act every chance you get. Studies have shown that couples that engage in mutual masturbation have sex more frequently, so a richer love life.

Still uncertain about sending your partner a personal invitation to the party? Here are some ways you and your lover can get your rocks off together.

Look But Don’t Touch

This technique involves you and your partner pleasuring yourselves to orgasm without touching one another at all. You’ll be aroused, not only by your touch but also by what you see and hear your partner doing. You can make a no-talk rule, or you may want to tell your lover how you want him/her to touch themselves. Some couples like to have sex videos playing in the background for inspiration and arousal. If you want to surprise your lover you can set a sexy scene by getting caught in the act when they come home.

Pick Your Pleasure

Sex toys can add a whole new dimension of pleasure to solo and mutual masturbation. That’s because they remind us that sex is about having fun and being playful. They can also provide consistent stimulation, especially when we get too tired. Plus, using a toy on yourself is a great way to show your partner what you enjoy in private. Don’t be shy about whipping out your arsenal of vibrators, dildos, masturbation sleeves, and lube and letting them watch the hottest show on earth.

Make it Last

Prolong your orgasms by taking turns with yourself or each other and then stopping short of climax. When you can barely stand it, have your lover bind your hands while they play with themselves, and right before they come, switch and tie theirs. The longer you can hold off, the more intense the orgasm. Add a challenge and make it a little competition by timing your sessions.

Liberator Mutual Masturbation TechniquesCome Together

At this point, just watching each other may be too much for you to handle. Since there are no mutual masturbation rules, you can both find creative ways to enhance the enjoyment. Rub your bodies against each other—up, down, and all around— without penetration. Or better yet, use parts of each other’s bodies to stimulate yourself. Give it a whirl and see if you both can come at the same time.

Places Everyone!

Mutual masturbation can be done in a number of different positions. It’s simply a matter of finding what is the most comfortable for you and your partner. One of the most common positions is lying side-by-side on your backs. This makes it each for you to criss-cross arms and touch their most sensitive areas.

For greater visual stimulation, face each other while straddling the Liberator Esse Chaise. This Shape offers couples a number of alternative positions which are easy to change and maneuver. Another fabulous position for mutual masturbation is off the bed while she is bent over the Axis Magic Wand Toy Mount, as you pleasure yourself from behind.

Liberator Mutual Masturbation Techniques

There is something deliciously sexy and forbidden about watching your partner indulge in self-pleasuring. Mutual masturbation is about sharing the most private parts of yourself with someone you trust and love. It gives you the opportunity to observe your partner and watch their reaction as they pleasure themselves. The fact that someone is watching tends to heighten sensations and allows couples to get lost in their own imagination.

How do you feel about mutual masturbation? Do you enjoy it? Leave your comments in the section below.

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