Fleshlight Sex Toy Mount for Men: Liberator On-A-Mission Review

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Fleshlight Sex Toy Mount for Men: On-A-Mission

One of the things I have been most excited about bringing into the bedroom is sex furniture and the Fleshlight Sex Toy Mount for men in particular. Liberator is a brand who’s collection of foam shapes and mounts I have coveted from afar for a long time.

Liberator got in contact with me and asked if I would review a couple of items for them – the Bon Bon (coming soon) and a sex toy mount for men called the Fleshlight On a Mission. It’s really cool and lets you engage in some fun, hands-free play. Not only that, you can use the sex toy mount for men as a pillow and explore new positions in a comfortable, fun way.

The Fleshlight Sex Toy Mount for Men: On-A-Mission was sent to me by Liberator for free in exchange for my honest review. This does not affect or sway my opinion in any way. 

First Impressions

Firstly, the packaging from Liberator is extremely discreet. An unmarked brown box and the pieces were labeled ‘orthopaedic cushions’. Inside, the Fleshlight sex toy mount for men, ‘On A Mission’ is packaged in a rectangular box, which features a hairy, tattooed dude seductively stroking it. I wholeheartedly approve. It’s tasteful and aesthetically pleasing. There are some cheeky little messages on the sides of the box, including my favorite “Thank You For Letting Us Into Your Bedroom”.

A Look Inside the Box

Inside the box, you’ll find the sex toy mount for men finished with faux leather cover. The cushion which is vacuum compressed fits into a smaller zip bag along with instructions and a secondary leaflet featuring a few ‘ideas’ on how to use the sex toy mount for men. Setting up the Fleshlight sex toy mount for men is incredibly easy. Just remove the foam mount from the protective bag. Once it’s removed, the mount will expand to its full size (this takes a few moments). I am honestly surprised at how big the sex toy mount for men becomes when finished expanding. I stood there, dumbfounded at how they managed to fit the whole thing inside the bag! The sex toy mount for men comes with a moisture proof liner (do not remove this). Once the shape has reached its full size, you can then add the faux leather cover.

The Shape of Things to Come


Fleshlight Sex Toy Mount for MenThe completed sex toy mount for men is lightweight, measuring 27-inches in length, 9-inches in width and is 10- inches high. The foam is high-density and very firm. The Shape features a sloped end, where the Fleshlight is inserted. It is angled so during use, it can replicate the missionary position (hence the name ‘On A Mission’). Compared to a previous Fleshlight mount we’ve have tried, this sex toy mount for men feels like it’s in a complete league its’s own – it feels sturdy, high quality and has multiple uses – which we will cover a little bit later.

Using the Sex Toy Mount for Men

I was really unsure how this was going to fit into our bedroom activities. But after experimenting with a few positions, I feel confident this is something I should have gotten a long time ago! So, for the purposes of ensuring we cover all the bases, I’ll discuss using it with just a Fleshlight. Then how it can be used as part of foreplay and intercourse.

A Fleshlight Sex Toy Mount for Men

Fleshlight Sex Toy Mount for Men

To use with a Fleshlight/Fleshjack, simply insert it into the hole on the end of the mount. PRO TIP: Apply some pressure to ensure a tight fit. Once you have the Fleshlight in place it is perfectly angled for penetration. All you have to do is lube it up and to slip deep inside the Fleshlight. You can lean or rest on the mount and thrust your hips.

Perfect Positioning Tips

The Fleshlight Sex Toy Mount for Men really lets you experiment with positioning and stamina training. I recommend getting on your knees and lean down and pound away. My only criticism of this position it can be quite uncomfortable because the end of the mount is in between your legs. I almost wish it was slightly more tapered so it will fit between your legs without it brushing up against the inside of your thighs. You can switch things up by lying the mount on its side and thrusting into it in a spooning position.

For some men, it may feel slightly odd humping a pillow. But when you’ve got some porn going in the background combined with an active imagination, it’s not too difficult imagining you are plowing someones tight behind. As for stamina, I’ve found using the Fleshlight sex toy mount for men takes me a bit longer to orgasm – which I actually really like. When combining with foreplay,  you can get in a good session that may last a long time. That’s always good, right?

Using During Foreplay/Intercourse

I have to be honest, the MOST fun comes from using the sex toy mount for men with a partner. Whilst you’re pumping away, your hands and mouth are free to do whatever. Liberator has a position guide that gives you a few ideas of how you can use the mount.

Enjoy a Threesome without the Complications

Pretend threesomes is a personal favorite when using the Fleshlight sex toy mount for men. Whilst slipping into the Fleshlight, I am in perfect position for having the Mr slip into me. The mount positions my hips perfectly and provides extra support. The sensation of being worked over whilst working over the Fleshlight always ensures an explosive and knee-trembling orgasm.

Oral Sex is Best

As an extension of the ‘Threesome’, whilst you are thrusting away inside the Fleshlight, your partner can sit on the other end, opening themselves up to some serious oral pleasure. For maximum comfort, have the sex toy mount resting towards the head of the bed. Alternatively, the receiving partner can lay at the other end. Then you can lean over the mount and explore that way.

Impact Play

Believe me. You will be making good use of your the Fleshlight while leaving your buttocks exposed for a good thrashing. But you don’t have to even be using the Fleshlight to use the mount this way. If you lay over the mount, you can still be in a comfortable position for a vigorous flogging. There’s nothing quite like pounding away, and having each thrust intensified by sharp ‘thwack’ across the buttocks!

fleshlight sex toy mount for men

There are so many things that you can do – the only real limit here is your imagination. The Fleshlight On-a-Mission sex toy mount for men is a godsend – allowing us to explore positions we never normally would have. I’m not exactly the lightest of fellows, and sometimes, being in certain positions can be restrictive and uncomfortable. This sex toy mount for men gives extra support and lets us enjoy new positions in a safe manner.

Clean-up and Maintenance

Concerned about storage? Well, luckily you can store the mount in the bottom of a wardrobe. Thankfully for me, we don’t need to be so discreet. So, lives at the foot of our bed, ready to be used whenever the desire strikes.

Inevitably, things may get a little bit mucky whilst using the mount. Thanks to the faux leather cover cleaning up is simple as wiping the mount down with a wet, warm cloth and some soap. You can use most lubes with the mount, but make sure you clean it up as soon as you have finished. That way your cover always looks fresh and stays in tip-top condition.

Sex Toy Mount for Men Summary

Yes, I love this Fleshlight sex toy mount for men. Not only does the Fleshlight On-a-Mission mount enhance solo pleasure, but it also enhances couples play as well. Sure, there are other ways of using your Fleshlight hands-free but they don’t allow for much-enhanced intimacy. Honestly, each session using the mount with my husband has just been mind-blowing and those are the types of sessions that are always so much more fun.

You really could spend a whole day just exploring all the different positions and ways of using it. If you love your Fleshlight/Fleshjack – then you definitely need this Fleshlight On-a-Mission Sex Toy Mount for Men.

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