No-Tell Hotel –

As promised last weekend, we decided to mark this week’s seventh anniversary of the blog by leaping way back for some images that were taken even before this site began. Our apologies for the poor quality, as these were shot with our old point-and-click camera.

The top photo is from January of 2012, at a hotel south of town, well past our regular bedtime. We had attended a mini-reunion for 1980s graduates from Holden’s high school, and I was feeling just tipsy and horny enough to pose for some pictures. We shared several poorly cropped and edited images to our old Tumblr blog, but somehow neglected this particular one.

The bottom photo is from May of 2012, at his class’s official reunion. He and I were both dressed for trouble, and ended up finding some. As some of you may recall, this is the reunion that had a small but intimate after-party. We really need to send Olivia a text. ~C

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