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Yet to know what Love Academy is? Then before you carry on reading, head over to my introductory feature by clicking here. I’ll wait, I’m a patient woman.

Ready? Awesome, let’s continue.

The online tutorial course is split into three levels, it makes perfect sense we start off with the Beginner’s Course. Not just a ‘technique’ based set of videos to watch, you actually learn to understand the male sexual response cycle, anatomy, emotional blockages and even building up emotional excitement during oral foreplay.

“The beginner course is for any young individual or couple who is struggling with pleasing their partners desire for oral sex, or might not know too much about the male anatomy. If you’re unsure of where to start with treating your man orally, this course is great to start building confidence, learning how to communicate with your man and performing oral sex that’s easy, simple, effective and fun.” Stated Francesca, Founder of Love Academy.

As every course delivers a kit to ensure your learning the right skills in real life, the beginner’s course comes with a realistic dildo, one tube of light smooth lube and a pack of four flavoured condoms.  You receive your kit once you’ve signed up in the post, to enable you to follow the techniques and lessons you learn as you go.

As for the course itself, it’s split into two key categories: Theory and Practice. Love Academy suggest, for optimum results, to alternate between theory and practical learning, but of course it is down to you as to how you use the online courses. Every section has a completion column to ensure you keep on track with your progression.

The theory is led by Lena and contains 11 segments that include the basics of male anatomy, safety and protection, debunking myths and how to make sex something you think about on a more regular basis. Each elearning segment is helmed with a video and offers you real authentic advice and help surrounding the topic of oral sex. Lena even discusses how you go about talking to your partner about sex, if this step is difficult for you both.

The practical contains 12 sections and is helmed by Sophia and Dominic. Once again, each section offers members an insightful video to watch that will deliver the basics on mastering the art of oral sex. As a pair, Dominic and Sophia discuss balls, butts and bits, basic 69 position, simple, easy and effective hand and mouth techniques, different pleasurable positions and even anxieties and insecurities that surround oral sex. All the sex educators offer so much more than what I have included here – you’ll need to sign up to discover the pearls of wisdom and insightful offerings this course can give you.

If you’re wondering how and when you’ll know it’s time to move on, don’t worry – there is a quiz at the end of each course. Attempts are unlimited, but the Love Academy team suggest to try the quiz out first before watching any lessons, to enable you to easily recognize your improvements later. Once you’ve nailed the course (excuse the pun) and mastered all the lessons, a certificate will be awarded upon quiz passed.

Get on board the oral sex train and start your journey by registering here.

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