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I’m an absolute slut for wand vibrators; on any given night, you can find myself asleep with my Magic Wand or my Doxy between my legs. They’re my ultimate sex toy of choice – their power lulls me into my favourite type of orgasm, and then promptly puts me to sleep. I love my wands so much, they’re even worth the hassle to me to travel with. However, portability and discreteness are often a higher priority for others, so when I give my friends vibrator recommendations, I’m frequently asked for “power of a wand, size of bullet.” Such a request seems like an impossible feet in a market full of false power promises, but I always managed to come back to the same recommendation: the BMS Palm Power Magic Wand.

Now, keep in mind, I had never actually tried this lil wand buddy, but I had always read raves in the reviews of fellow bloggers, such as Feisty Fox Films, etc etc. The Palm Power features a powerful motor, a silicone head, all in a compact body of 7”, nearly half the size of typical wand vibrators. I’ve been recommending it left, right and center, and a couple of my close friends now own, and now love, this toy. And finally, thanks to, I’m getting the chance to try it for myself!

The Palm Power worked as I expected it to – it was sturdy, small and delivered powerful vibrations right to my clit. It’s vibrations are no Doxy power tool, but it was impressive for its size. As someone with a clit of steel, I wouldn’t necessarily choose the Palm Power over the wands I currently have, but I still was able to cum and get what I needed from it – so, for the majority of people who aren’t power queens like myself, this toy will meet, if not surpass, their ideal quota of vibration strength.

It’s head is a lot smaller than a typical vibrator, so you can nessle it between your labia if you’d like to. This makes it perfect for placement during partnered play; I know a lot of babes who get self-conscious or hyper aware of a bigger vibrator being used when fucking their lovers. I can see this vibe being a good way to combat that insecurity, while still delivering the power folks need.

The cord is also long enough (100” to be exact) to reach in and around bodies from a far away outlet, to deliver non-stop vibrations. There’s no time out on this thing, which is magical (coming from someone who has longggg, intimate sessions with her vibrators). The Palm Power also has a rechargeable, AND a plug-and-play version, if the cord isn’t your jam.

The one downside to this pink and grey wand, is that it tends to heat up if you’re using it for awhile. Again, I like my masturbation sessions to last until the end of time, so this didn’t work for me. There was a couple times the Palm Power heated up so much it hurt to hold, making me abandon it for my Magic Wand. I think the newer versions of the toy might not have the same issue (I’ve had no complaints about the overheating from my friends who purchased the rechargeable version), so I guess it’s up to you to decide if you’re willing to sacrifice hand comfort in exchange for everlasting vibrations.

After testing it myself, I’ll still continue recommending the BMS Palm Power Magic Wand to friends and followers alike who are looking for power in a portable body. But, if you think you have a clit of steel, like myself, I would go with the Magic Wand Rechargeable or the Doxy Die Cast.

This post was sponsored, but all opinions and writing are my own (as always)! You can purchase the Palm Power from MyFirst for $116.

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