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As it currently stands, I’m up for adoption! Looking for a new Daddy dom isn’t always the easiest thing (in the past it’s usually been relationships I’ve happened upon), and I haven’t needed to look out for one in well over a year, so I thought it was time to revisit my priorities. While I could always go online to meet fetish singles, I thought posting a job listing would be a fun way to explore (and remind myself) exactly what I’m looking for.

Job Position: Suz’s Daddy

Job Status: Full-Time

Compensation: Suz’s love and kisses

Suz Ellis is seeking a devoted Daddy dom to love, support, and discipline her. In this role you will be an equal partner to Suz mainly, but kink wise, her dominant caretaker and lover. You’ll play a key role in being there for her, both emotionally and sexually; telling her how good of a girl she is as you fuck her silly.


    • Develop an open, consistent communication strategy
    • Create and maintain a trusting relationship and kink dynamic
    • Manage key issues to build and protect your relationship with Suz
    • Coach, motivate and support Suz in life, work and kink
    • Provide emotional and physical security and discipline
    • Establish and engage relationships with Suz’s friend group
    • Fuck Suz really well.
    • Serve as inspiration for blog posts
    • Optional: co-star in porn on occasion

The ideal candidate will have the following:

  • A commanding, but soft and warm demeanor, with superior interpersonal skills
  • Proficiency with self-evaluation and emotional management
  • Understanding of healthy relationships, consent, and sex-positivity
  • Familiarity with kink and sex toys (no experience required, but a willingness to learn is a must)
  • An affectionate approach and a high degree of patience
  • Ability to love

Why should you apply?

Suz’s personality and appreciation is both challenging and dynamic – her physical environment is state of the art. Here’s what you can expect as her Daddy:

  • Be the one man she respects and appreciates
  • Join an up and coming online mogul while she grows towards total world domination
  • Long-term employment and opportunity for growth
  • Own a subby good girl all to yourself
  • Free sex toys, probably
  • Receive a consistent supply of nudes and porn videos
  • Big titties, huge ass, and an adorable smile
  • She’s queen at sucking cock
  • Creampies

To Apply:

Please email a relevant resume, cover letter, and clear photo(s) of yourself to for consideration. Due to an expected number of high applicants, only successful applicants will be contacted. Thank you for your time, I look forward from hearing from you!!***


This post was sponsored. All opinions and writing are by yours truly (as always)!

** Please know I’m not actually looking for applications. This is just a fun way to express my needs. ***

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