The Big Guide To Doxy Wands, Vibrators & Sex Toys

Doxy Massager 101: Complete Guide To Doxy Wands, Vibrators & Sex Toys

Doxy sex toys are some of my favourite self-pleasure tools. My love affair with Doxy Wands started back in 2013, when the very first, original Doxy Wand Vibrator was launched. Since then, the official collection has grown to include other styles of Doxy vibrators and pleasure toys. I wanted to collate all the information about the various products in the range together in one big information post; a complete guide to Doxy Wands. Welcome to my Doxy Massager 101!

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Doxy Massager 101: Complete Guide To Doxy Wands, Vibrators & Sex Toys

Doxy Wand Vibrators

Doxy Massager Original

The Doxy Massager Original, or Doxy Wand, is a full-sized magic wand vibrator with an enormous amount of power. Rather than being battery powered or rechargeable, the Doxy Massager Original is mains powered (it’s a plug-in vibrator). This does mean that there’s a lead attached, but with a length of 2.8m you have more than enough room to manoeuvre. The head has a cover which was originally made from medical-grade PVC, but on newer versions (2019 onwards) this is made from silicone. This vibrator is available in black, white, pink or purple.

To operate, you simply use the three buttons on the handle. They’re silicone, easy to figure out and use. The buttons also light up prettily during use. Press the power button to switch the Doxy Massager Original on, then use the up and down buttons to increase or decrease intensity. Or press and hold the power button to start the Doxy up in pulsating mode –and again, raise or lower vibrating intensity using the buttons.  There are 10 increments of vibrating intensity available.

The downside of the Doxy Massager Original is that it’s incredibly loud during use. Also, it’s obviously not submersible due to the plug-in nature of the toy. I forgive the noise due to the incredible power and guaranteed orgasms it gives me every time. From my review:

“I must confess I did use the Doxy Massager within 10 minutes of receiving it in the post – that’s from getting the packet to orgasm. Yes. THAT powerful…

If you want a powerful wand vibrator that will have even veteran old me get my rocks off on level 3 of 10 power levels (yes, really), then the Doxy is for you.”

Doxy Die Cast

The Doxy Die Cast is similar to the Doxy Massager Original in terms of general appearance, size, operation and settings. Unlike the original, the head cover is made from silicone. The main difference is, of course, that this version has a metal body made from an aluminium and titanium alloy. This is manufactured in a foundry using a high-pressure injection cold chamber die casting machine and is then brushed or polished as required.

The Doxy Die Cast is available in brushed metal, black, matte black with a 24k gold collar, purple, red or 24k gold plated – and all arrive with a special keepsake box.

Like I say, the Doxy Die Cast operation and settings are the same as the Doxy Original. I found the Die Cast to feel slightly less powerful than the Original version, possibly because this one is heavier and therefore the vibrations are slightly muted. From my review:

“During use this particular magic wand vibrator from Doxy isn’t quite as powerful on top speed as the original plastic handled version. The important thing is, it still works…

can orgasm with the Die Cast by Doxy and it doesn’t have to be on the top speed either.”

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Doxy Die Cast 3

Doxy Die Cast 3 was the first wand vibrator in the Doxy collection which veered away from the traditional 13-inch long, full-size wand vibrator styling. The Doxy Die Cast 3 is still a plug-in (mains powered) sex toy, and has a 3-metre wire for manoeuvrability during use.

The body of Doxy Die Cast 3 is made from an aluminium and titanium alloy like the Doxy Die Cast is, but instead of being polished to a high shine, it’s available in brushed metal, disco black or candy red colour. The head has a silicone cover and unscrews from the vibrator enabling you to clean it thoroughly between uses. There’s also a range of attachments specifically for the Doxy Die Cast 3 which we’ll discuss in more detail later on in this feature.

Operation and settings for the Doxy Die Cast 3 are the same as with the full-size Doxy Die Cast, and I found this version to feel more powerful than that larger, heavier model. The smaller size means it’s more portable and it didn’t sound as loud to me during use either:

“The vibration is different to the Original and Die Cast Doxy Wands; it’s more… treble rather than thuddy bass. But oh my god, that treble vibration isn’t tinny or buzzy, it’s just extreme and raw power. Think massive Doxy Wand power concentrated into a smaller, lighter body. If you’re tingling at the thought then you’re about there.”
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Doxy Die Cast 3 Rechargeable

What an upgrade! After much research, and ensuring manufacture and efficiency remain at the highest standards, Doxy have finally been able to launch a rechargeable version of the Doxy Die Cast 3. This wireless version of the powerful bestseller provides freedom of movement and use during solo or shared pleasure sessions as never before.

Sadly, the Doxy Die Cast 3 Rechargeable still isn’t waterproof. It comes with a USB charging lead and can be fully charged in four hours. The head unscrews, just like with the wired Doxy Die Cast 3, and (as mentioned previously) there’s a range of accessories to transform your powerful petite friend into something exciting and new within seconds.

The Doxy Die Cast 3 Rechargeable is available in blue flame or matte black.

Doxy Wand Attachments

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A collaboration between Doxy Massager and Nexus Range resulted in the ingenious development of these silicone attachments, created for use with the Doxy Die Cast 3 and Doxy Die Cast 3 Rechargeable. Some of them transform your Doxy 3 into an insertable sex toy, whereas usually it’s for external use only. Just unscrew the usual head and screw one of these attachments into place instead, then switch your Doxy Die Cast 3 on and enjoy a new style of orgasmic ride.

Rabbit Style Attachment

Doxy Massager 101: Complete Guide To Doxy Wands, Vibrators & Sex Toys 

This attachment turns your wired or rechargeable Doxy Die Cast 3 into a rabbit vibrator. The curve of the generously proportioned insertable shaft delights as it’s inserted into the vagina, while that clever angle helps provide tantalising g-spot stimulation. Meanwhile, the powerful vibrations are also set through the external arm which teases the clitoris to the height of orgasmic bliss.

Clitoral Attachment

Doxy Massager 101: Complete Guide To Doxy Wands, Vibrators & Sex Toys 

For clitoral stimulation with a difference from the Doxy Die Cast 3, you need this clitoral attachment. Rather than the intensely powerful vibrations transmitted through the firm, rounded head of the Doxy Die Cast 3 to your clit, this attachment has a wing-like design which flutters against your most sensitive area.

Prostate Massager Attachment

Doxy Massager 101: Complete Guide To Doxy Wands, Vibrators & Sex Toys 

Now those with a prostate can enjoy the incredibly powerful vibrations of the Doxy Die Cast 3 directly against this exquisitely sensitive and satisfyingly orgasmic area. Regular prostate massage is exhilarating -and not only that, it provides health benefits for the person with the prostate. You can read more about the hows and whys in this fantastic beginner’s guide to prostate massage.

Masturbator Sleeve Attachment

Doxy Massager 101: Complete Guide To Doxy Wands, Vibrators & Sex Toys 

Before this addition to the Doxy collection, penis-based fun with a Doxy wand vibrator was limited to pressing it against the perineum, testicles or shaft in order to tease the lucky pleasure-seeker into a heightened state of arousal or even orgasm. This masturbator sleeve attachment converts the Doxy Die Cast 3 into a penis masturbator, with that enormous Doxy power delivered through the stretchy and textured silicone material which firmly but comfortably grips their shaft.

Doxy Sex Toys

The Doxy Massager collection isn’t limited to magic wand vibrators. Doxy have created a select group of other sex toys which deliver sexual pleasure against or within various areas of your anatomy.

Doxy Don

The Doxy Don –formerly known as Doxy Skittle- is an unusual looking sex toy. The powerful motor of the Doxy Massager Original is housed within a uniquely shaped device; mainly cylindrical, with a probing, flickering, teasing… versatile nodule at the top.

Like the Doxy Massager Original, the Doxy Don is mains powered with a long lead which you plug into a wall socket. Operation is by the familiar three buttons also seen on the original wand vibrator, however these are on a control unit some way down the power cable. This allows you to use the Doxy Don as you wish, while holding the control unit like a wired remote in your hand. Or handing it over to your lover, of course…

There are no specific instructions provided on how to use the Doxy Don, and this is deliberate. Sex toys are made to provide sexual pleasure to various parts of the anatomy (and not for specific genders), and this vibrator is a great example of this ethos. The Doxy Don’s powerful vibrations can be enjoyed where, when and how you wish. From my review:

“The raised nub area at the base of the probe part and at the top of the handle has been specially designed to give increased pleasure and a closer connection with the body during internal use. This does feel delicious when I’m using the Doxy Don vaginally, but I still prefer the more dramatic vibrations I can enjoy when using it clitorally/outside the body…”

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Doxy Metal Butt Plugs

Doxy have recently introduced two anal sex toys to their collection, a smooth and a ribbed Doxy Metal Butt Plug. Both butt plugs are made from highly shined, solid aluminium and have the same dimensions: 4.5 inches overall length, with an insertable length of 4 inches and a maximum circumference of 4.25 inches. They weigh 155g.

These Doxy Metal Butt Plugs look absolutely stunning, and each one comes in its own brushed aluminium storage case. As they’re made from solid metal you can use them not only at room temperature, but also cool down or warm up prior to use by placing in a bowl of cold or warm (never boiling) water, or popping it into the fridge for a while. Use with your preferred lubricant type to aid insertion and get ready for a luxurious, heavy-weight anal pleasure experience.

Why You Should Buy Doxy Massager Sex Toys

All Doxy sex toys are made to the highest manufacturing standards and have an easy to contact team if you have any queries. The Doxy products are made in the UK – at the company’s HQ in Cornwall, England.

Doxy Massager 101: Complete Guide To Doxy Wands, Vibrators & Sex Toys Since the launch of Doxy sex toys into the sex industry back in 2013, Doxy Massager have won a wide variety of industry awards from both their peers and due to accolades from customers. Doxy wands and sex toys are available not only in the UK, but also worldwide with stockists throughout Europe, across the pond in the United States, Canada, to Australia & New Zealand and many more.

From my personal experiences starting with the Doxy Massager Original all those years ago, up to the more recent additions to the Doxy –and my own- collection, I’ve remained thoroughly impressed by the manufacturing standards, thrillingly effective vibrating power and luxurious elegance of the Doxy sex toys collection.

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