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As I prepared to write about the O-Wand, I remembered that a couple of years ago  I, driven by the realization that none of the MANY sex toys sent my way did it for me like my Magic Wand, declared 2015 year would be my “year of the wand”.

The “year of the wand” while well-intentioned, didn’t really get off the ground, or at least it didn’t that year. The reasons for this are varied – I wasn’t yet comfortable asking people to send me specific things, I was injured that year and the pain kept me from wanting to test things, and, perhaps the most important piece, I hadn’t laid the groundwork. No one knew me as “JoEllen who really likes wands” Now, three years later, it’s a whole other story!

These days, when wands come along, folks reach out to me to see if I want to write about them and, frankly, it’s wonderful. Which leads us to today’s topic, the O-Wand.  I had heard of (and even seen in stores) the wand that is calling itself “The most powerful…personal massager on the market today” and was plenty curious. So when the folks at Peepshow Toys asked if I wanted to check it out I (unsurprisingly) said “hell, yeah!”

So, what is the O-Wand?

The O-Wand is a rechargeable, cordless, waterproof wand massager with an ergonomic curved shape and looped handle. It’s made with a smooth, velvety silicone and is fully waterproof (not a claim many massagers of its size can make). It is rechargeable and features eleven settings (4 steady vibration settings plus 7 patterns), a travel lock, and international adaptors to allow you to plug it in and charge it up in whatever country you might land (more on that it a minute). The O-Wand also comes with a textured silicone attachment, it looks like this:

Black silicone cap covered in small nubs

Do I like the O-Wand?

Honestly, I like this one a lot. I love the curve in the handle and I think it just feels lovely to use. It claims that each charge gives an hour of use but I feel like I’ve already used it more than that and it’s still going strong (However, that is a “feeling”, I haven’t timed anything) and I, conceptually, like that it’s waterproof, even though I never use toys in watery situations.

Any quibbles with the O-Wand?

Yes and because I feel more compelled to explain them than I do my general feeling of “I like this toy!” it’s going to look like a lot of stuff I don’t like when, in actuality, it’s a couple of things that I think people should know before buying.

The weight

The ergonomic handle is fabulous but this toy is not light! I wasn’t sure how much of an issue that would be until I handed it to a friend who struggles with heavy toys and she immediately declared “Nope, I couldn’t use this, too heavy” For folks with wrist issues or who simply struggle to support weight, this one may be a bit heavy.

The speeds 

Okay, I have to admit that I am officially spoiled. It’s funny because I came up on the Original Magic Wand (back when it was still a Hitachi) which only had 2 speeds but then the Doxy Wand kind of changed everything for me. The variable speeds felt limitless! Now, I just expect more. That’s why last year I went on and on about what a HUGE difference it made when Le Wand changed their wands so they had 10 steady vibration speeds and testing the O-Wand really reinforced my feelings on that. The O-Wand has 4 steady vibration settings and while it’s plenty strong, and certainly more than works for me, I found myself wanting more.

The plug

Okay, so I don’t LOVE that the O-Wand utilizes the type of charger that makes you feel like you are stabbing the toy (I talked about this a while back with the Swan Wand). Those always freaks me out BUT I vastly prefer it to magnetic charging and it’s “I’m attached, no wait! I’m not attached at all!” thing and as those seem to be the options for waterproof rechargeable toys, I’ll take it. My quibble is more about the actual part that plugs into the wall and I think this may be more about this specific moment in time for our industry. Years ago I complained about USB charging (something along the lines of  “just give me a plug, dammit!”) but, as time has gone on, I have come to realize that it is the easiest way for rechargeables to be universally useable. With multiple companies doing the “our fancy toy comes with adapters for multiple countries!” thing my cup runneth over with a bajillion bits of plastic while the USB toys can get plugged into my phone charger cube (and some come with their own that I can also use to charge my phone and that’s great!) and/or my computer. I guess, at this point, I appreciate toys with USB charging over those with typical plugs for the simplicity as much as anything.

Brass tacks: Is the O-Wand a good wand?

YES. I know I just devoted a lot of time to stuff I don’t like but, seriously, I think the O-Wand is lovely and have found myself reaching for it several times since initially testing it which, for me, is the true test of whether I’m into a toy: “Do I like it enough that I keep reaching for it after I’ve evaluated it?” This one has definitely gone from “wand I’m testing because I want to try ALL of the wands” to “member of my regular-use wand rotation” in record time.

The O-Wand retails for $199.00 and you can get yours at Peepshow ToysSAVE 10% with code REDHEAD

Thank you to the folks at Peepshow Toys for sending me the O-Wand to test.


I accepted compensation to review this product. The views expressed here are my own. My review policy is simple: I will never lie about liking a product if I don’t but when I do like something it’s hard to get me to shut up about it.

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