A Quickstart Guide to Enjoyable Anal Sex
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A Quickstart Guide to Anal Sex

We get asked this question all the time! “My S.O. wants to do anal, but just the thought of that thing going in there freaks me out. What do I do?”

No need to worry. We’ve got the art of having enjoyable and pleasurable anal sex down to a science. With our quickstart guide to anal sex, you will feel more confident and eager having that thing going in and out of there more than once.

As with all anal sex beginner’s, it’s normal to feel squeamish! There’s a lot to take in, so to speak. But once you understand the 3 basic tenants, you’ll end up feeling a like an anal sex pro in no time at all.

First, let’s talk about lubes.

For anal sex to feel really good, you’ve got to be primed. And lube is going to be your best friend when it comes to slipping anything past your rear entry. You have a choice of oil-based, water-based or silicone-based products. Personally, we prefer the hybrid, which is a mixture of silicone and water-based ingredient for the natural feel and easy clean-up. You may want to pick up a bottle of überlube. The sexy looking glass bottle has a pump for easy access and application. But it’s ultimately up to you in what feels best. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Use it liberally and apply to both players.


The muscles that make up the anal sphincter stay contracted even when you’re in a rested and relaxed state. Which is a good thing! You don’t want anything slipping out. However, when it comes to anal sex, you’ll want your sphincters pliable. This is why relaxation is key. Before you decide on penile penetration, you may want to do a trial run using a lubed fingers, a dildo or a butt plug. Over time, you can increase the girth with larger anal plugs. We love the B-vibe line of anal toys! They can be used discreetly anytime and anywhere. (You might be surprised to know that the guy in the cube two down from yours has one in right now!)

wedge6r2And Finally, Anatomy.

You can’t hit a target if you don’t aim. The proper angle of entry should be aimed at your belly button. A great way of getting this angle properly aligned is with the Liberator Wedge. Not only does the Wedge offer the right amount of lift, but it also decreases the chance of getting injured during penetration. A lot of couples say that doggy is the most comfortable position for anal sex. But when you’re first trying, you may find that laying on your side of even being on top may be easier.  There are more positions than you may expect.

Take Your Time

Anal sex is not for everyone! But with time, practice and patience, you may discover a host of new sensation never thought possible. Anal sex is also a great way of bonding with your partner. Take it at your own pace—and remember, it’s a journey—not a race.

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