Upgrade Your Sex Life with the Amazon
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We live in a golden age of sexual opportunity. A time when embracing sexual fluidity means ushering in more pleasure. That is why we are excited to talk about THE hottest sex position of 2018. For couples who have mastered the missionary and dominated the doggy, the hottest sex position of 2018 will challenge you, thrill you, and, if done properly, open up pathways you never thought you’d love to slide down.

Presenting the Hottest Sex Position of 2018: The Amazon


How It’s Done: The Amazon is the hottest sex position of 2018. It must be named after the Amazons from Greek mythology because this position is all about female power. You might think of it as a reverse missionary position or even a dominant cowgirl. But what makes this sex position of 2018 so hot is that it’s designed for deep impact. Getting into this arrangement is a little tricky at first, which is why we love using the Wedge. This Shape provides just enough tilt and lift for making the penis more accessible and offers stability for the hips. For a seamless execution, we recommend the top partner get in place first using the bottom partner’s legs for stability. Then reach down to insert the penis. Try it the other way around and you may end up toppled on the floor!

hottest sex position of 2018

How it Feels: The Amazon is all about the intimate connection and sensations. And with deeper impact playing an integral role, couples can experience intense contact and orgasms. The bottom also reaps the benefit of lying back and enjoying the show! The hottest sex position of 2018 does, however; require flexibility, especially in the hips and lower back. Stay connected with your partner by discussing your physical limitations before and during sex. If necessary, the top can easily modify the position by moving a leg down to allow for more of a lean.

hottest sex position of 2018

How to Up the Ante: For those who are super flexible, the top partner can use their legs for support and achieve broader movements and deeper strokes. This can put a lot of pressure on the penis, though. So be sure not to cause any injury by moving too fast or abruptly. Again, the Wedge really helps with keeping your positioning stable while keeping your moves smooth and steady. It’s a lot on the thighs, so having the Wedge under your lover’s hips will lift them up for access and allow the top to take some pressure off the legs.

Reverse Amazon

hottest sex position of 2018

How to Modify: Plus-size lovers may find the hottest sex position of 2018 easier to maintain when facing the other direction. Think reserve cowgirl but with a lift! It also causes less strain on the penis, knees, thighs, and hips. The fact that you can easily modify your position also means not having to be as flexible. If the top partner becomes too tired, they can simply shift themselves onto one knee without disturbing the flow. The Amazon also offers another option for placing some of the weight on the bottom partner’s thighs while rocking back and forth and grinding.

Bonus Points

The downside to the hottest sex position of 2018 is that there is really no direct clitoral stimulation. Luckily there are toys for that! But there is plenty of stimulation for the G-spot.  Also, it’s important noting that you might not get the Amazon to work the first go around. Practice makes perfect! So if you don’t succeed laugh it off and try again another time. With great power, comes great coming, after all.

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