Year in Sex Review 2018

Year in Sex Review 2018

In and out & up and down! 2018 has turned out to be quiet the year for sex, scandals, and liberation. From the #metoo movement to masturbation to libido liberation to shameless sexual encounters, this year was chocked full of gems!

Here is the Liberator Year in Sex Review 2018

Weathering the Stormy

First things first — Unless you’ve been living under a rock this past year, you have probably heard every news outlet discussing a certain political scandal involving hush money and Porn Star, Stormy Daniels. What made the story yuuugge was her description of the POTUS penis! We will just leave it at that!

Rule 34 Strikes Again

If it exists, then there is a porn for it. Meaning that Pokémon is not even safe from pornification. Poképorn, as it’s generally called, is making its rounds via Reddit and other sites. One particular subreddit has over 88,000 subscribers and provides constant uploads of colorful, nude sketches of Pokémon trainers and characters sporting enormous human phalluses and heaving bosoms. There’s plenty of intercourse too—between trainers, between Pokémon, and between trainers and Pokémon. With the internet—anything is possible.

Year in Sex Review 2018

If a Pokémon subbreddit doesn’t scratch that itch, there is also a new parody featuring the character Dikachu. The movie entitled “Strokémon–The XXX Parody” stars a bi-curious female whose hobbies appear to include squirting and crawling through filthy chimneys. 

Premium Places

We’ve got to say that Porn Hub has a lot of creative talent! Their innovative PSA’s and web-based content are so entertaining that even a sweet little grandma would not hesitate logging-in for a peek. This year, Porn Hub developed a new campaign where anyone living in one of 50 cities identied as having a sexually suggestive name can take advantage of a free lifetime membership.

Upping the PR ante, Porn Hub recently collaborated with Cyanide & Happiness with the release of NSFW card game called “Stroking Hazard.” The “Joking Hazard” expansion pack includes 50 new cards which make playing even hotter!

Stroking Hazard Card Game by Cyanide & Happiness

Wonders of the World

We don’t know whether this is true or fake — but evidently, there is a photograph purportedly showing a couple having sex on top of the 8th Wonder of the World—Egypt’s Great Pyramid of Giza. Danish photographer Andreas Hvid, who was presumably the man getting it on with a young female, has since removed images from all his social media account. Great Photoshop or completely stupid stunt? You decide.

year in sex review 2018

Speaking of wonders of the world, the Year in Sex Review 2018 would not be complete without mentioning the LELO 15th Anniversary BDSM Suitcase. This beautifully designed Limited-Edition case had everyone at Liberator swooning and included everything a curious couple could ever want.

year in sex review 2018
LELO 15th Anniversary Limited Edition Suitcase featuring 18K Rose Gold

Well Hello Dolly!

The Stepford Wives of science fiction has finally become reality this year with China leading the pack! All thanks to the magic of AI. Although still a little cost prohibitive, with most dolls costing as much as a relatively used car, men can now create their perfect, subservient silicone partner. What could be better than the ultimate sex doll — A woman who knows their hopes, dreams, and fantasies and who never has a headache! We really aren’t many years away from a walking, talking, living dolls.

For a long time, sex dolls were simply a dirty little secret, discretely tucked away by our so-called ‘decent society.’ But now, all thanks to a rash of niche brothels opening in North America—we are being forced to look deep into the uncanny valley and reckon with the hard truth that some people out there like to have sex with dolls and robots. In the last few months along, sex doll brothels opened up in Toronto, Vancouver, Barcelona and one just announced in Houston.

High on [Sex] Life

In 2018 we saw trends come and go. But one trend had a “sticky” factor. CannaSexual® is a word describing anyone who mindfully, deliberately combines sex and cannabis. A keyword here being “mindfully,” because as we said, it’s about more than just getting busy while under the influence. Cannabis can help people work through any anxiety they may have surrounding sexual situations, and just as it can help people suffering from PTSD by reducing stress and easing pain; it can also help those with sexual blocks.

Sex & Tech

year in sex review 2018

Sex toys are a great tool for making both masturbation and partner play a lot of fun. Now, sex toy company Wobbling Willy is upping the ante with an extremely personalized product: The company offers silicone dildos that can be customized with a 3D-printed polymer clay head, made in the exact image of your partner — all for $99.

year in sex review 2018

Ever imagine playing a video game simply by using your taint! Now you can with the VylyV exercise shorts. At first glance, these shorts look like your average competitive male swimsuit. But the secret ingredient is a sensor this embedded that monitors the contractions in your pelvic floor muscles. Paired with a Dance Dance Revolution-styled smartphone game, these wearable undies are bound to give you a better boner.

Sex Machines

There are sex toys, and there are sex machines. The former tend to be user-operated, while the latter will often operate itself with a push of a button. This year we experienced the earth-shaking release of the Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine!

year in sex review 2018

These are exciting times for sex toys. Through the wonders of technology, none of us needs to ever leave the house. And now, there’s a fancy-schmancy toy that is all about self-care—the CamSoda RubGrub, a vibe that can also order food! Pizza Anyone?!

Sex 101

Donald Trump’s Space Force isn’t intended to explore Uranus, but you can do that on your own with this limited edition condom collection. When you’re looking to safely collude with your lover, these Space Force condoms will allow you to blast off!

The Not-So Big Bang

The company attempting to host “the largest orgy in human history” talked a big game. The organizers at Menage Life promised they’d cap off Sin City 8—a hedonistic, five-day bender in Las Vegas complete with clothing-optional karaoke, a kitten play party, and something called the “slut olympics“—with a sex party that would “make history,” bragging it would draw more than 1,000 people for a “monumental” orgy. But when it was finally time for the behemoth bang, Menage Life went limp. They could not get enough people. Better luck next time!

Build it and They will Come

What comes to mind when you think of Tulsa, Oklahoma? Probably more waving wheat than a premium Hustler store location. After many years of wrangling with city officials and the local Catholic school, Larry Flynt (the father of 1st Amendment Rights) finally opened his store!

year in sex review 2018
Hustler Hollywood Store | Tulsa Oklahoma

The PYNK Wave

Politics aside, this year women made incredible strides in music, art, and entertainment. But on the sex side — society has made excellent progress in just saying the word Clitoris! So, why not close out the year and this article with PYNK by Janelle Monáe.

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