How to Attempt Flawless Sex Position Transitions

Be Flawless in Your Sex Position Transitions

Switching sex positions while in the heat of the moment is just one of those things that sounds way better than it feels. No matter how experienced you are as a lover, nothing kills the mood faster like a knee to the groin. So we’ve found a routine that will help you stick the landing. Using the Wedge/Ramp Combo, the transition between these smooth moves to make your porn-star sex dreams come true.

These hot maneuvers will help you dodge embarrassing moments in the bedroom and make switching to different sex positions flawless.

Position 1

Finagling the body to different sex positions can make anyone feel self-conscious. That is why your approach to movement is essential to looking like a pro. Start with this power move for a big impact. A standing position lets you maneuver your body more gracefully when you’re ready for a transition. This will be tough on his thighs, so from here we can move onto something easily accessible and gentle on the legs.

Position 2

Make these different sex positions hot and spicy by keeping her legs in place and slide down for a kiss and some hot eye contact. The Wedge/Ramp Combo keeps the extra oomph to his pelvis thrusts and helps create deeper penetration while making it more intimate with the closeness.

Switching Sex Positions

Position 3

It should be easy to pull her legs to one side as she slides her torso around for doggy. Her body will be supported so you can make this an effortless transition. Without having to struggle with the bedding or pillows shifting underneath you,  you’ll never have to leave the moment while trying these different sex positions.

Your sex flow is not going to happen overnight. That’s why we suggest experimenting with different sex positions. Have fun and laugh every once in a while and not take the whole thing so seriously. With that being said, allow these standing to kneeling positions to open the door for some delightful interaction. Eventually, you’ll begin noticing how your bodies mesh perfectly together. Then you’ll spend more time getting your groove on and less time figuring out what to do with your hands.

What’s your favorite position routine? Share your secrets in the comments below!

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