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The short answer to this is because there are many ‘weird’ people – but I use that word loosely because actually, nobody is weird. In fact, all of us ARE weird to a certain extent. We have likes, interests, kinks, and fetishes. It’s what sets us apart from other people, so I guess you could say that this “weirdness” is what makes us human.

It’s also this same exact weirdness that makes billionaires out of businessmen. 

You heard that right. A lot of businesses capitalize on people’s kinks. It’s basically what fuels one of the most dominant industries in the world of pleasure and entertainment: The Sex Industry. 

People are getting more and more creative as the years roll by. There are now so many tricks and gimmicks that allow people to explore their sexuality. I’m sure you’ve heard about various products and services that seem too scandalous to ignore. The rapid rise of virtual or cybersex is also astonishing to many people.

Here are some examples of the latest fads in the Adult Sex Toy industry:


In Japan, Digisexuals Are Well-accepted 

People are now literally getting married to machines – and they’re perfectly happy! I guess you can’t complain about that. After all, in the end, we all just want to be crazy happy. Japanese men, in particular, are taking their love for machines on a whole different level.

We all know that anime is basically the child of Japanese entertainment culture, right? We’re probably big fans of the industry too and have grown up watching some of the most popular series like Dragonball Z, Naruto, and Sailor Moon. If you’re a little naughty, you’ve probably seen the X-rated versions of these shows too, if you know what I mean.

These “2D waifus” as anime fanatics would call them have literally become the object of fascination for many Japanese men. There are now eligible bachelors marrying holograms of their favorite characters; they even spend thousands of dollars to celebrate their union! Now, nobody knows how they satisfy their sexual urges but if they’re happy so are we!  


Bimbo Dolls are Replacing Real Women in the 21st Century

There are now more men who believe that sharing an intimate relationship with an actual human being brings more trouble than good. They think that engaging in steady relationships with women would bring about chaos and disruption to their peace of mind. They say no to mood swings, petty fights, shopping splurges, and over-the-top acts of jealousy. In fact, they’d rather spend their days enjoying the blissful company of Bimbo dolls.

Bimbo dolls are human-size sex dolls that rapidly grew in popularity in the 21st century. They are made to resemble actual women, especially their intimate parts. Modern technology is looking into more ways to humanize Bimbo dolls such as giving them a plump and soft exterior to mimic a woman’s delicate skin and even equip them with AI to make conversing with their owners possible.

As humans come close to realizing intelligent Bimbo dolls, more men are becoming infatuated with the idea of having submissive, erotic, and highly attractive Bimbo dolls at their beck and call. In fact, more men are admitting that they’d much prefer having these inanimate yet sexually arousing objects become their partner in bed.   



“Hands-free” Toys Are All The Rage

Who says masturbating has to be tiresome? Yeah, doing it the old-fashioned way might be exhausting, with you having to manually jerk your hand and all. However, modern technology always finds ways to make pleasurable activities more convenient and accessible.

Why settle for hand jobs if you can hoard hands-free toys for masturbation all to yourself? There are so many devices to choose from that it’ll drive you crazy. There are fleshlights, automatic masturbators, handsfree blowjob machines, etc. You can click here to know more. The future is now in the sex toy industry.


Cam Girls Are Taking Over The Internet

Camming is a real profession in many countries. It’s when a woman is paid to converse with you online and well, play a little naughty for you as well. However, camming is more of a show than cybersex. Women dress up in frilly costumes or elegant dresses and they let you peek at their naked bodies if you’re being a good boy.

You can’t imagine how many women would willingly get into the camming industry because of the competitive pay and the relatively safe work environment. They don’t really have to risk their health or sell their bodies for sex; they’re just putting on a kinky show.      


VR Sex Is Gaining More and More Popularity

Famous porn stars from all over the globe have been called to model for this rising industry – VR Sex. 

VR or Virtual Reality Sex allows users to get a more realistic experience of sex toys. Using a VR console which is usually worn on the head, the user gets taken to an entirely different setting where a young, arousing girl is waiting to get down and dirty with him. The women used in VR are modelled after actual porn stars who spend hours in front of the camera to be recorded. The experience becomes complete with the help of sex toys that respond to the motions the women exhibit in the Virtual Realm.  

So if you’re asking why Adult Sex Toys is a 50 Billion Dollar Industry, here’s your answer. These recent developments in the sex industry is driving new customers in droves, all excited to try out the latest and naughtiest this world has to offer!


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