Liberator Lusty Lit 2019: A Very Special Shave Party

Liberator Lusty Lit 2019: A Very Special Shave Party

Three years ago, they’d had a life-changing conversation. When his wife had shared her desires, he had questioned it. Did she just want a bit of kink in the bedroom? She trusted him. She wanted him in charge. He hoped it was more than that.

“Little One.” His tone. She knew that he was taking charge of their evening.

“Go into the bedroom. Remove your clothes. Wait for me on your pillow.”

He had set her bolster on the floor, at the side of the bed. Kneeling and waiting, she was eye level with their Liberator Arche Wedge. She also saw the cups of water, shaving cream, razor, and special armchair.

Shave Party! She wiggled in excitement.

He walked in, standing directly in front of her.

“Very nice, Little One. Ready for a Shave Party?”

She loved Shave Parties. She looked up at him towering over her. “Oh yes…” He cocked one eyebrow at her expectantly. “Yes. Sir?”

She was still having trouble saying Sir. It didn’t feel right. She liked Little One, but Sir didn’t come naturally to her speech. Funny enough, even with the kids out of the house, she still thought of him as Daddy. But she hadn’t quite let that moniker out yet. She didn’t have daddy issues, but she thought of him as the male equivalent of a mama bear…strong, protective, fierce and caring, all at the same time. And she liked it.

He heard the question in her voice. He let it go. Actions were louder than words. Here she was at his feet, looking up at him with love and wanting in her eyes.

“I had my own Shave Party this morning. Undo my pants. I want your mouth on me. Feel how smooth I am.”

She had had the courage to ask him about shaving his balls years ago. She loved playing with them with her mouth. Sucking on them. Swirling her tongue. Feeling them move in his sac. She buried her nose in between the spheres, inhaling his familiar scent. His skin was soft on her face. She ran her tongue over his smooth skin, reaching into all his sensitive places.

He buried his hands in her hair. “Veeeery nice. That’s my Little…” the most infinitesimal pause. “Girl.”

The name washed over her like a caress. Touching her deep center.

He lifted her face. “Stand up. Hands-on the bed. Lean over on the Wedge.”

Her ass was high in the air. She felt a little off-balance with just her tiptoes on the floor. She felt his hands massage her ass, pulling apart her cheeks. His thumbs rubbing across her rear entrance. She felt the slipperiness of lube. He continued rubbing circles.

“Relax.” He dipped his finger into her. Knuckle deep. In and out. She let go.

“That’s it. Just the medium-sized one.”

She felt the harder substance of the butt plug as he worked it slowly in and out. Then, suddenly, a decisive push. With a pop and a gasp, it was seated firmly in her ass.

“Very good. Little Girl.”

Oh. She really liked hearing that.

“Up on the Wedge. Face up. Ass on the edge.”

She maneuvered herself into position. Highly aware of the butt plug with every movement.

She lay before him like a feast. Her legs spread wide. He loved seeing his hands on her. He rubbed his thumbs on her outer lips, seeing them swell. He gently pulled them apart, seeing the glistening inner pink. He teased her, avoiding where he knew she wanted him most. Enjoying himself. He gave that jewel between her cheeks a nudge, just to hear her gasp.

“Oh! Oh, please…”

She felt the coolness as he spread shaving cream all over her mons and lips. Pushing and pulling. Messaging and rubbing as he tested her freshly shaved skin. His manipulations moved her clit to one side as he shaved her. Then the other. Back and forth, without any real intent. Such torture.

She was so sensitized. The pressure in her ass. The lack of pressure on her clit. That empty feeling inside. She wanted more. She was aching with need.

“You look so good, Little Girl. So open to me. So accessible.”


Lips on her clit. Suction. A swirling tongue. Sudden pressure deep in her ass as she felt him push on the plug again. And then, heaven, as she felt his fingers thrust into her core. Curled upward, he rubbed and found that most sensitive spot. She was so aroused. His mouth. His fingers. She was on overload and burst apart as shudders racked her body. Her release so deep her legs shook. She couldn’t filter her thoughts.

He almost couldn’t hear her say, “Oh Daddy, that felt so good.”

That name anointed him with such pleasure. YES. His cock hardened instantly. He stood up and gripped her hips.

“What did you say, Little Girl?”

Her eyes flew open and locked with his intense gaze. What had she said? Oh.

“Thank you, Daddy. That felt so good.”

“My Little Girl.” He gripped his cock and rubbed against her pussy. Coating his cock in the juices of her climax.

“You deserve to feel good. I love to take care of you.” He slammed his cock into her tight pussy. Swollen still with arousal. Smaller from the butt plug. The angle of the Wedge sent his strokes straight into her g-spot. The slap of his balls on the butt plug. Hitting her deep with each stroke. The moment was so precious. They had found their footing. He felt her inner walls tighten around his cock, setting him off. She felt him jerk deep inside with his release and that triggered her own.

He collapsed onto her and she hugged him like she never wanted to let him go.

“Thank you, Daddy. You take good care of me.”

“I am so pleased with you. My Little Girl. I love you.”

“I love you, too, Daddy.”

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