Sex Machines: The Future of Novel Loving has Arrived

Sex Machines – The Ultimate Evolution in Pleasure

For as long as we’ve had genitals, we’ve found ways to stimulate them. Human beings have been endlessly inventive in doing so; perhaps you’ve heard of the ancient Greeks’ rumored use of baguettes to sculpt dildos. Modern inventors never lost this energy. Just ask the U.S. Patent and Copyright office, which is flooded with orgasm-inducing designs on an average day.

There are sex toys, and there are sex machines. The former tend to be user-operated, while the latter will often operate itself with a push of a button. From dildo-mounted devices to the burgeoning field of sex robotics, sex machines are becoming more sophisticated by the day. These inventions are creating novel routes to pleasure, as well as serving people with various disabilities, who may struggle to use standard sex toys.

There are many different types of sex machines. The ones that provide hands-free penetration and/or vibration via a “saddle seat” are easily the most well-known. The classic Sybian often comes to mind first. With its numerous attachment options, this machine is easily customizable to accommodate various preferences in size, shape, and color. Conceived in the early eighties, this is likely the first sex machine to hit the mainstream market. Since then, the Sybian has been in excellent company.

Saddle Up!

Sex MachinesThe Sybian’s biggest competition is the dark, luxurious Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine. As one reporter for the Huffington Post notes, “although the Cowgirl’s aesthetic reads 1970s retro, it offers some decidedly futuristic perks.” Larger, sleeker, and app-compatible, the Cowgirl is a striking spin-off of its predecessor.

The digital remote element is of particular interest with this machine. The smartphone app Feel Me allows for adjustment of both the vibration and rotation of the selected attachments, by either the user or a distant partner with WiFi.

“From the cam market perspective, the Cowgirl offers a digital way to interact that still involves feeling and touch,” founder Alicia Sinclair explains. With the help of Feel Me, cam models can offer their paying customers an opportunity to control the Cowgirl from anywhere in the world. The long game is creating virtual-reality visuals that sync to the machines. This way, Cowgirl-riders can feel sensations in harmony with their perceptions. What a time to be alive!

Self-Thrusting Dildos

These products are exactly what they sound like. Such a dildo, often known as a pulsator, can pump itself in and out of the body, hands-free. This is possible through various methods, like the magnetic technology used in the Fun Factory Stronic line. Fascinatingly, the Velvet Thruster was actually developed by aerospace engineers. Some pulsators even vibrate, like the Infinite Thrusting Sex Machine. One really fun thing about them is how they enable multitasking. With your hands completely free to explore your own body or a partner’s, the pleasure potential skyrockets.

Pulsators are much more common than they used to be, which has inspired tremendous diversity in appearance. They can be representational or geometrical, flesh-toned or candy-colored, textured or smooth. Just like regular dildos! There is truly one for everybody (that enjoys penetration). Besides, who doesn’t love a little lazy sex? Even masturbation could use some outsourcing now and then.

Non-Motorized Machines

Not all sex machines need a power source. Outstanding options like the LoveArc offers all of the adaptability in a convenient, portable package. You can harness dildos, wand vibrators, and even restraints to the LoveArc. But don’t be fooled by its simplicity; that’s exactly what makes it so stellar.

“Powered by imagination,” the clever tagline reads, followed by no less than sixteen images illustrating recommended positions, including for double penetration and masturbation sleeve mounting. You can move against it in every conceivable way: rocking, bouncing, thrusting, grinding, you name it. It can even handle two lovers at once. Who needs a motor?

Sex machines are changing the way we play, and they’re here to stay. That’s quite exciting news. Hopefully, some blissful day in the future, every home will have one.

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