Liberator Ramp Sex Positions Guide that Will Up the Ante

Liberator Ramp Sex Positions Guide

A little change can provide giant results, and that has never been truer than with off-the-bed sex positions. You’re not confined to just one area of the bed or bedroom, and that freedom can take you places you never would have explored horizontally. But for some couples, trying an off-the-bed sex position can seem like a challenge. The good news is there are ways of easing into something new with the Liberator Ramp.

Here are our favorite off-the-bed sex positions!

Take Flight

Let nothing come between the two of you as you control your lover’s legs and get ultimate access. Whether on your shoulders, wrapped around your waist or spread wide, this move runs deep and gives you better penetration than traditional missionary positions. The Liberator Ramp makes it even easier by providing stability and lift for her hips.

Liberator Ramp Sex Positions

The Pleasure Garden

Even though this off-the-bed-sex position is not face-to-face, it is nonetheless sexy. Whether the Liberator Ramp on the floor of just at the edge of the bed, you’ll be given more breathing room for longer lasting oral sex. You’ll both love having your hands free to wrap around your partner’s thighs or reach up and grab their chest.

Liberator Ramp Sex Positions

Push to Start

Create more momentum for your pelvic thrusts and place the tapered end of the Liberator Ramp a few inches off the side of a bench or bed. The receiver has the ability to control the pace and depth of penetration by bending or straightening their knees.

Liberator Ramp Sex Positions

Teacher’s Pet

This sturdy off-the-bed sex position lets the receiver bend over in a modified doggy, while the giver stands behind. Using the Black Label Ramp allows for vigorous sex without risking the two of you falling over. Plus, the cuff connectors keep them from getting too handsy.

Liberator Ramp Sex Positions

Deep Impact

This effective off-the-bed sex position is great toward the end of having sex, especially when you’re running out of steam. The Black Label Ramp helps takes pressure off the legs and core while giving your partner complete access to the goodie basket.

Liberator Ramp Sex Positions

Twin Peaks

Integrating sex toys into your repertoire is great for adding spice. Try this amazing off-the-bed sex position for simultaneous G-spot and clitoral stimulation. Just lean them back and enjoy the control, angle, and pressure.


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