Liberator Lusty Lit 2019: An Anniversary to Remember

Liberator Lusty Lit 2019: An Anniversary to Remember

A few weeks after our rather uneventful anniversary, we found out the kids would both be gone with friends for the weekend. My first thoughts were not of a wild night of sex, but how I would be able to get the house and garage cleaned up with them gone! After getting a lot of work done that day, we decided to clean up and then go out for dinner and a few drinks. After we showered, my wife said she had an appointment to run to. I knew what it was, she has been keeping herself fully waxed for a while and usually got it done on Saturdays when she had a little free time. 

I wondered what was taking her so long, she had been gone forever. It was getting dark already so I sat down to watch a game. Then I got a text telling me to put the Hipster out on the bed and be naked when she got there in a few minutes. I ran upstairs like a horny teenager, already hard when I hit the top step!! I got the Black Label Hipster we’ve enjoyed for several years out and added some restraints expecting to be strapping her down shortly. 

I heard the garage door open and close so I laid on the bed, stroking my cock a little as she came up the stairs. When she came around the corner into the bedroom, I started to get up off the bed and she stopped me and told me I was to lay back down on the Hipster.

I had secretly been waiting for this to happen ever since I had bought it, but I never thought it would happen. I eased back onto the Hipster and she proceeded to put my wrists and ankles into the straps and tighten them up.  I tried to cop a feel but she was able to playfully fight me off. She went to the toy drawer and pulled out the blindfold that came with the restraints. Now I was super hard and excited, this was a dream come true. After making sure I couldn’t see anything she started the tease by climbing on the bed and kissing me hard.

Then she leaned over and put a nipple on my lips so I could lick and bite it. She pulled away for a few seconds and I could feel a little movement, then a nipple was back at my lips. This time it smelled and tasted like her pussy. She had rubbed her juices on her nipple for me to suck on! She repeated the process for her other nipple and I greedily obliged. She pulled away once again. I begged her to let me taste her pussy from the source and she told me to be patient, she was just getting started.

I felt her shifting around a bit and then I felt the flick of her tongue on the head of my cock. She was really teasing me hard tonight since I could do nothing about it. After sucking me for a few minutes to the point I was ready to explode, she once again pulled away and got up off the bed. I heard her take a few steps and then the door shut. I shouted that this was more teasing than I deserved to which she replied: “you’ll get what you deserve when I come back.”

After what seemed like forever, enough time for my cock to deflate, I finally heard the door open again. This time she climbed up on the bed and laid down on her back with her head resting on my shoulder and draped her leg over my thigh. She asked if I was ready. I said, “I’m not sure I have a choice so yeah.” That’s when I felt the bed shifting again. She started moaning into my ear. I asked her what was happening and she said, “I’m getting my pussy licked and fingered right now and it feels so good.”

I couldn’t believe there was someone between her legs, I wanted to see who was eating my wife’s pussy! Was it a friend who had a kinky streak? Someone she met at the waxing salon? A woman, a MAN? She started describing what the anonymous tongue and fingers were doing and I couldn’t stand it. Then she exploded with a huge orgasm. She turned and kissed me hard and deep. Then the bed rustled again and I felt a pair of lips on my cock. I wanted to come so hard at the thought of this stranger sucking me with my wife watching. Between the expert head and my wife telling me to let go and enjoy it I only lasted a few moments before blowing my load in this stranger’s eager mouth.

Normally I would need a while to recover but not tonight! I felt someone climb on top of me and guide my throbbing cock into her very wet pussy and slide down. She started to work up a good rhythm. A slippery nipple was placed at my lips. As I licked and sucked on it my wife leaned in and whispered in my ear, “how does her pussy taste on her nipple?”

I was in shock once again! Then I felt her head next to mine as she sucked on the other nipple. This sent the other woman over the edge and she came all over my cock. My wife told me to let go again and I erupted into this woman’s pussy. I was completely spent as they both got off the bed. I heard them whisper a few words, then someone walking downstairs and out the front door.

As my wife took off the blindfold and started untying me all I could think about was “who can I get to help me return the favor for our next anniversary!!”

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