Covert Sex Furniture: A New Trend in Home Decor

What do you picture when you hear “sex furniture?” Do you see a dimly lit BDSM dungeon filled with shiny patent leather, every object cast in red or black? Don’t get me wrong, that can be really fun and hot. Unfortunately, we don’t all have a spare room just for gear storage and playtime. That doesn’t mean you can’t still own covert sex furniture of your dreams. It’s absolutely possible to blend in your literal “loveseat” with your other home decor.

Covert Sex Furniture

So you’re looking for sex furniture that’s discreet enough to be kept in plain sight. Something that catches the eye but doesn’t raise eyebrows, so to speak. The Liberator sex furniture collection of chaises, loungers, and bed benches makes this very doable.

Here are some tips for making covert sex furniture look both elevated and G-rated. Sexy and subtle are not mutually exclusive.

Choose A Less Obvious Color or Texture

As implied earlier, red and black can be dead giveaways that you’re into something naughty. Ditto on leather. They’re all just too easily associated with lust, sex, and kink. Fortunately, you’ve got great choices, including colors such as plum, espresso, midnight blue, and gunmetal gray. Whether you go bright or subdued, you’ll always have an option that fits your home’s color scheme.

Many of the Liberator love loungers and chaises come in a signature Velvish finish, like the ESSE and the Equus Wave. This fabric is cozy, discreet, and best of all, removable and machine washable. It couldn’t be easier to keep it in top shape and ready for company. You could also opt for the Zeppelin, a big ol’ bean bag couch. Your guests will be too busy curling up in it to figure out its true intended purpose.

Pick A Minimal Shape

Maybe the trademark curves of the ESSE are still a little too conspicuous for you, even with pared-down colors and fabrics. No problem! The 5-in-1 Equus Wave can be stacked together to form a simple block or pulled apart to make a playscape. The premium leather Prelude Bench also has a similar, even more, minimal shape. They almost look like boxy coffee tables.

Once again, the Zeppelin (additionally, the Zeppelin Lounger and Zeppelin Cocoon) could be a good fit. Texture aside, its appearance reminds you of what you sat on while playing video games in the family den growing up. Visitors would think “comfort” before “utility.”

Covert Sex Furniture

Stow the Accessories

Several loungers come equipped with some fun goodies, like the supportive headrests on the ESSE Chaises, or the restraint clips on the Black Label Sex Furniture pieces. But that’s the thing: you may not want to reveal the fun part! When guests are present, don’t forget to tuck away the restraint clips, or hide the pillows in the bedroom or linen closet. These items may leave you open to some unanswerable questions.

Other Fun Home Goods

Even with these other tips employed, we’re still talking about sizable, standout pieces of covert sex furniture here. Placing yours near other home goods that have some flair can make the piece feel like part of a more deliberate mood or scene. You could experiment with abstract art, a vintage lamp, or some exotic plants. Get creative!

Sex Furniture but with a Different Purpose

It’s all about context clues. You’d be surprised how easily you can make people see what you want them to. You could point your ESSE Chaise II toward your TV to suggest that it’s for an actual Netflix and chill session. Maybe you arrange some books and magazines on your Prelude Bed Bench for a “cute and cozy waiting room” vibe. Perhaps your tablet and Bluetooth speaker live on it during the daytime. Simple misdirection can be quite effective.


The world is a very vanilla place, but our love lives often aren’t. Your home decor can totally reflect that, all without anyone being the wiser. So start shopping! It’ll be our little secret.

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