Liberator Lusty Lit 2019: Give It a Whirl

Liberator Lusty Lit 2019: Give It a Whirl

I hadn’t come to the party looking for anything more than a few glasses of mediocre wine with pals. But, then again, I hadn’t expected to meet Gavin.

A friend of a friend visiting from out of town, he stood out from the crowd – and not only because he was the only stranger. I noticed his broad shoulders, his bright blue eyes, and his easy smile from across the room, but I didn’t exactly have what one might call “game,” so I made my rounds, poured a glass of wine, and wandered over to the snack table.

And I was positively delighted when he made his way over and introduced himself to me; although, truthfully, I might’ve been happier if he’d managed to do it when my mouth wasn’t stuffed with carrots and hummus.

We quickly bonded over a shared taste in music and a love of travel. He asked intelligent questions about my work, family, and life, and listened intently to my answers. As I sat on the couch and he refilled my wine glass, he asked me whether I’d read anything interesting lately, raising an eyebrow when my face flushed and I tried desperately to think of something other than the erotica I’d been reading every night. After all, I’d been solo for months after my last breakup – I needed something to inspire sweet dreams.

Maybe it was the wine, or maybe it was him, but I decided to be honest about my recent readings and see where it led.

“I’ve had a nice stack of, uhh, pretty spicy romance novels on my nightstand lately,” I said, feeling my face get hotter. His eyes registered surprise, but no distaste. “Sometimes there’s a surprising amount of character development!” I continued. He raised an eyebrow. “And, yeah, sometimes … not so much. And there’s nothing wrong with liking sex!”

He leaned toward me, his lips brushing my ear.

“You’re one of the most interesting, surprising women I’ve ever met,” he said, his eyes seeming to darken ever so slightly. “And god, you’re sexy.”

I sucked in a breath and looked around. Nobody was listening; nobody was paying attention. And I didn’t care about any of them – Gavin’s words made me feel like a more confident, adventurous version of myself. When he looked at me, it seemed like everything else could slip away. So I let it, focusing on his penetrating gaze and kissable mouth.

“You’re not too bad yourself,” I smiled.

“Can you guess what I want to know now?” he said.

I shook my head.

“I want to know exactly what goes on in those steamy books you’ve got. I want to know what you do when you read them. And I want to know what else you’ve got in that nightstand.”

I glanced around once more; guests were beginning to gather their belongings and leave. We could easily do the same.

“I’ll get an Uber. You tell the host you’re leaving. Meet me outside in 10 minutes,” I said, my heart hammering. I wasn’t usually so direct, but I also wasn’t usually so turned on just by conversation. He paused a moment and my heart sunk; was he going to turn me down? But instead, he gave my cheek a lingering kiss, then followed instructions perfectly.

The car ride took just minutes since I lived so close, but the wait to get Gavin into my house, behind closed doors, felt interminable. He ran his hands up and down my body and kissed my neck as I fumbled with the key to unlock my front door, and, once we were inside, it was his turn to take charge.

He stripped off my dress before unfastening my bra and instructing me to step out of my panties. I was afoot inside my front door and completely naked. Gavin kissed me, softly at first, then deeper, pressing his body against mine and leaving no doubt as to just how turned on he was.“Take me to your bedroom,” he said, his voice rough with lust. “Show me your nightstand.”I took him by the hand and led him in, but the moment we walked through the doorway, it was clear that it wasn’t only my nightstand that was going to capture his attention. He walked toward the bed, then turned back to me. “Are the rings on this pillow designed for what I think they’re designed for?” he asked, the hopefulness in his voice making it easy for me to answer affirmatively. I’d used my Whirl with my ex, utilizing some silk sashes on the D-ring clips for some light bondage, and always wondered how I’d ever manage to bring it up with someone new.

Gavin seemed to be answering a lot of questions I had about myself.

I walked toward him and made short work of his jeans and shirt, kissing my way down his chiseled chest and taking his length in my mouth for a moment before he pulled me away, kissing me deeply before laying me back on the bed. He positioned my hips on the Whirl, spread my legs, and began using that gorgeous mouth to tease me, lick me, and suck me into bliss. He inserted one, then two fingers, and I bucked against him as I neared my first orgasm. He took one of his dripping fingers out and slid it back to my asshole, which, thanks to the Whirl, was fully exposed. I started to say no, I couldn’t possibly, but he slipped in just the tiniest bit, and between that, the finger in my pussy, and his mouth still lavishing my clit, I was a goner.

I cried out until my voice was hoarse, and he slowed his ministrations as my body’s convulsions ended, at which point he kissed his way back up to me, raised an eyebrow, and said, “Now, shall we take a look at what’s in that drawer?”

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