Keeping Sex Cool When There’s No A/C Liberator Unzipped

It’s summer! A time when we are feeling our randiest. Whether that makes you want to pump your fist or roll your eyes, everyone’s got feelings about this sizzlin’ season.  For a lot of us, air conditioning has a lot to do with that, but it’s not always available. We’ve all been there: ready for sex with no cool place insight to do it.

Here are a few tricks to keeping sex cool during the hottest time of the year.

Temperature Play

It’s easy to bring some coolness into your play space by chilling glass or stainless steel insertables, like a Crystal Delights anal plug or the Njoy Eleven. Pop one in the fridge or freezer shortly before you want to use it (note: NEVER freeze a glass pleasure product). No such toys on hand? Keep some ice cubes nearby and run them over your partner’s skin. Paired with a blindfold, this can be seriously sexy.

Shower Sex

This is fun at any time of the year, but during the summer, it’s the easiest way to cool off your whole body during sex. Consider some silicone lubricant (it won’t rinse away) and a waterproof (non-silicone) toy like the powerful We-Vibe Tango. Start with lukewarm water, then slowly make it as cold as you can stand. It’s the quickest relief from the heat and even has some health benefits.

Wait Until Nighttime

Nooners are hot, but sometimes, they’re too hot. It can make a tremendous difference in room temperature if you wait until the sun has set. In the meantime, build up anticipation by trading sexts, collecting toys, and getting hydrated. Maybe collect some fans from your neighbors while you’re at it!

Mutual Masturbation

keeping sex cool during the summerIf you really can’t wait, this option dramatically reduces the body heat factor. When each of you focuses on your own body, you get all of the pleasure, plus an incredible view, without overheating. Win-win.

Winning Positions

With the temperature and humidity rising, it’s time to get creative with your sexual positions. Which is great because it gives you the option of trying out some new ones. Doggy is an ideal summertime position that gives intense pleasure from deeper penetration without leaving you overheated and sticky.

Keeping sex cool during summer

If you can get a little creative, there’s no reason for this sticky season to hold you back from your bliss. Remember, babies were born before central air!

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