Sex Toy Storage That (Mostly) Doesn’t Involve Hiding

I am of the mind that one can never have too much sex toy education and as you may already know if you’ve been following me for any amount of time, my home is literally FULL of sex toys. So let’s take the time today to learn a bit about how to store all that stuff! As time has gone on, storage has become a real issue for me. I’ve talked before about some of my more creative solutions but I realized I’ve never really given any kind of explanations about them. I’m sure some of you have some questions about where to put the sex toys in your own homes so today we are going to talk about some of my favorite storage/display methods. A word to the wise, because I live alone and have no shame about my work, my sex toy storage methods tend to be visible, veering more to the “display” end of things. I know for a lot of folks, that’s a deal breaker. Thankfully the world offers all manner of subtle, attractive, covert, and even lockable storage solutions. Today, however, I’ll be looking at ways to creatively store and display your sex toys, using my own solutions as examples!

The simple, non-display methods I use:


My own nightstand


This was the very first place I ever stored toys. That’s probably not shocking as I suspect the most popular sex toy storage spot. A couple of years back I scored one at a yard sale that has a sliding shelf that sits above the rest of the drawer allowing me to keep lube bottles separated from the toys below. It’s lovely.


Plastic bins

The bin I moved cross-country with

I started using these when my collection first started to grow. I even moved my fledgling toy collection across the country in one. Clearly, this is not a method designed to impress but it is incredibly effective. I still keep several large, air-tight plastic bins under my bed and that allows me to stash away things that don’t get used often as well as things I have on hand for class demos, giveaways etc. For most people, I suspect a shallow, long plastic bin may be more than enough storage.

Plastic Drawers

These are a lightweight, low-space-commitment way to keep things organized. I keep one in my closet but I have friends who just use them as nightstand.


Apothecary Cabinet

I have never used either of these to store my toys but I have wanted to FOREVER! It just seems like such an elegant storage option. I’m hoping to have the room for one in the future.



My preferred “sex toys are pretty, let’s display the sex toys!” methods:

Now onto some of the storage solutions that you may not think of right away but that are quite fun. These are aimed at folks who wear their hearts on their sleeves, except instead of “hearts” it’s dildos and instead of “sleeves” it’s walls and/or household surfaces.

Shoe Racks

I first saw this method in a picture online and I have since adopted it and used it for years. In fact I’ve been through multiple racks as I upgraded mine when I last moved. Easy to hang over a door and featuring TONS of pockets, these are a fantastic option. My current shoe rack toy storage doesn’t even hang on a door. I used it to camouflage an electrical panel in my bedroom.

Wine Rack Wand Holders

I will say, I am proud of this one and vaguely convinced it might go down in history as one of my biggest contributions to the world of sex writing. I LOVE using wines racks to display my (perhaps unnecessarily large) wand collection. Let’s face it, wands are BIG and having a way to store them that isn’t filling up all your drawer space is a godsend. Also, look how pretty! I just added a third rack last week!

Spice Racks

This was the first unique toy storage solution I ever employed. I saw someone use a revolving spice rand for dildo storage and loved it. Next thing I knew I took the spice rack from my kitchen and filled it with toys. Then I found an elaborate metal revolving rack at a yard sale and filled that. Finally I added some small spice rack shelves to, along with some sex toy themed are, create a cute display.

So, there you have it, folks! There are many ways to keep your toy collection organized but these are some of my favorites. I hope you all find your own ways you love to keep your toys under control but, seriously, you are always welcome to borrow one of mine.


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