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Me and my fiancé are having difficult times finding good positions. Doggy style and her on the bed laying back while I stand in front at the edge of the bed is all we do lately. We want more intimate sex like kissing while making love etc. We just purchased the Wedge/Ramp Combo in hopes of helping us. Our guts always seem to get in the way which makes missionary and her on top difficult. Not to mention the expensive full foam mattress that sinks whenever on your knees or woman on top etc. She is 5′ 5″ and weighs about 255. I’m 5′ 10″ and weigh around 325. What advice can you give us for using the Wedge/Ramp Combo or other tips for making love and kissing easier?

What advice can you give us using the Wedge/Ramp Combo? Or any other lovemaking tips for making kissing easier?

Having a little junk in your trunk is not a bad thing. Except when it gets in the way of having the porn-star sex you’ve always dreamed of. Those pros always make it look so seamless—switching from position to position without breaking their stride. No matter your size, it takes practice to make sex feel sexy and not like you are two space aliens trying to figure out how the human body works.

All the positions you want to try are very possible with a few tweaks to accommodate your body frames and a little effort. Your Wedge/Ramp Combo should work well in giving the intimate moves you are craving. After all, it’s literally a cushion for the pushing! It works at making your naughty bits more accessible and keeps your comfortably propped up. That’s why it’s such a fan favorite for plus-sized lovers.

Let’s take a look at some intimate sex positions for plus-size lovers.


plus-size lovers

The main challenge of missionary for plus-size lovers is keeping the weight from crushing your lover. Even weight distribution is entirely doable, though. Simply keep your knees forward while kneeling in front of her rather than laying down on top of her. The bigger you are, the more you should bend your knees for supporting your pelvis. You can also rest your weight between her legs—just don’t put a lot of weight on your arms because you will place your belly in between the two of you.

Another easy way of not placing too much weight forward is to stand off the side of the bed. Keeping her elevated on the Ramp will bring her face closer for kissing and deeper eye contact. Plus, your hands are free to control her legs or caress her nipples.

plus-size lovers

You may be able to extend her legs over your shoulders or around your arms for deeper penetration, depending on your flexibility. This will make her lips tempestuously close. This position depends on finding the right angle for your belly too. So, keeping your weight back on your knees will be essential. It may take some work finding where to place the Wedge along the Ramp so that her pelvis is tilted at just the right angle for meeting your manhood.

Side Angle

plus-size lovers

A simple but exciting twist to the missionary position is having her lay more on her side. This position is great for plus-size lovers because it keeps the belly out of the action while making her feel comfortable. Plus, you can use her upper leg for leverage which in turn, increases your thrusting power.


plus-size lovers

Plus-size lovers are often nervous about high-impact moves. This powerful position relies more on your legs and really does have a sensational big impact without making your feel overworked. The great thing about this position too is she can keep her legs high or low, depending on comfort. The closer her legs are to her chest the better it will feel. You can use a rocking motion with your hips and drive it home. If you need a little more height, try adding a few Liberator Lifts underneath. Not much space for kissing, but we suspect she may be too busy moaning to notice.


plus-size lovers

The woman on top positions generally works well for plus-size lovers. If she can find a comfortable position for riding you then size will not be the issue. We love this position because it offers versatility for all types of couples, no matter weight. Plus-size lovers can fit together easily using the Combo and it will make it sex easier to sustain. She can place her arms on the Ramp and push off for movement. Or she can place her shins on top of the Wedge and lift off with her legs. You will get a nice view of those swaying hips and kissable lips by using the Ramp and keeping your torso elevated.

Reverse Cowgirl

plus-size lovers

We saved the best for last! The reverse cowgirl position is ideal plus-size lovers because it helps keep the bellies out of the way. She can support herself while leaning toward your toes. The Ramp will help in supporting your back and you will not be as far away from her. Imagine getting to see the gorgeous view of her delicious derriere. She can use your elevated knees and thighs as support and use her arms and hips for rocking back and forth. She can also put her knees on top of the Wedge to elevate her body even more if possible.

If you can’t make kissing work, then put your mouth to better use by telling her how sexy she looks! Eye contact and dirty talk is just as intimate as kissing and can help create a deeper connection. Even doggy can be loving when you lean down and nibble on her ear lobe. While having a number of sex positions at your disposal can help spur things on, it is the connection and deep love you feel for each other can be expressed in other ways.

Here’s to many more happy adventures!


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