Eat out to help out: 7 foolproof oral sex tips

If you live in the UK, then you will have recently become familiar with the phrase ‘eat out to help out’. It’s a slogan adopted by the government to help the restaurant industry bounce back from the impact of a COVID-19 lockdown.

Unfortunately for them, it seems that nobody thought to tell the higher ups about the connotations attached to the phrase ‘eat out’ – not exactly something you want to bring up with your manager, is it? But fortunately for us, it’s a perfect segue into one of our favourite topics.

Eating out. Oral sex. Cunnilingus. Whatever you like to call it.

It’s a wonderful way to bring your vagina-owning partner to a delicious orgasm. So here’s seven tips on how to improve your oral game.

1. Take your time

While penis-owners might want to get straight into the jackhammer, most vagina-owners prefer to take our time. Did you know there are 8,000 nerve endings in the clitoris alone? And so many more in the surrounding areas. That includes the labia and inner thighs, so don’t be afraid to really take your time and build up to the sweet spot.

Gently kiss down their body, and spend some time on the sensitive skin on the inner thighs – that’ll get them twitching and shuddering in pleasure and anticipation. Teasing is a HUGE turn on.

2. Try different positions

While there’s nothing wrong with lying on your back with your partner’s head between your legs – hello, grabbing onto hair – why not mix things up and try switching positions? On all fours with a partner eating you out from behind can be hot as hell. Or try sitting on the edge of a couch or bed while they kneel in front of you – definitely an opportunity to play with some power dynamics here.

Or why not take control and sit on your partner’s face? This puts the control firmly in your hands as you can move as you want and it leaves your partner free to use their hands and fingers, too.

3. Speaking of fingers…

Don’t be afraid to get your digits involved. A lot of people love having a finger or two slipped inside while your mouth focuses on the clit, although everyone is different so if they don’t respond maybe withdraw. To really up your game, insert two fingers with your palm facing upwards and curve your fingers back towards you in a ‘come hither’ motion. Chances are you’ll feel a rough walnut spot – congrats, pal, you’ve just found the elusive G-spot – massage this gently as you use your tongue to drive your partner wild.

If they aren’t a fan of fingers inside, use your hands to spread the labia to give you more access to the clit and all those delicious nerves.

4. Under the hood

Protecting the clitoris is something called the clitoral hood, and many actually prefer having this part licked, because it’s extremely sensitive. Of course you can spend time on the clit itself but there’s so much more to be explored.

5. Different strokes

Every clitoris is different, so it’s going to take something different to get each one to the big O. Let’s talk about a few of the basic strokes that you can try:

  • Up and down – Use your tongue and/or fingers to GENTLY flick the clitoris up and down. Start light and then move to a medium pressure and alternate to build up the tension
  • Going in circles – Move your tongue around the clitoris in a light circular motion. Build up the momentum by alternating your pressure
  • Side to side – You get the picture; flick your tongue side to side horizontally instead of up and down

Ultimately, each vulva you encounter is going to be different. So take your lead from the person it belongs to. How do they react when you make certain moves? Watch their face, make note of their body language, and for god’s sake LISTEN. Moans = good. So do more of that.

6. Ask

Shocker, right? If you’re not sure what your partner likes during oral sex, then just ask them! While we can give you all the tips in the world, nothing’s going to help more than hearing it straight from their own mouth. If you know that something will drive them wild, then absolutely use it.

7. Use toys

There’s nothing wrong with bringing in a little helping hand. Cunnilingus ain’t the time to be proud; it’s all about giving your partner as much pleasure as possible so bring in whatever help you can. Try using a bullet as a different sensation to your tongue, or even a dildo to slide in and out as you work your magic on the outside to take things to the next level.

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