Best Sex Positions to Get Pregnant

Best Sex Positions to Get Pregnant While Having Fun

If you’re trying to have a baby then chances are you’re looking at the best sex positions to get pregnant. While there are still no official sex positions for getting pregnant, one thing is for certain—you can still have a whole lot of fun while trying. Although there isn’t a magic bullet, what we do know is giving those little swimmers some extra help never hurts.

From slow and sensual to fun and fast, we’ve rounded up the best sex positions to get pregnant!

Bat in the Cave

Some experts say that feeling relaxed during sex can help with conception. Which is a bonus since stress can directly affect fertility. This position does not require much movement, just your willingness to lie on your side with the Whirl positioned between the legs. Enjoy the intimate sensation of cuddling close together while he enters you slowly.

Up the Spout

Best Sex Positions to Get Pregnant

We love this off-the-bed position, because it slants the pelvis, allowing gravity to send his swimmers along the baby making trail. Using the Ramp, lie back with the Wedge positioned directly under your pelvis. Once he is positioned, lift your legs and rest them on his shoulders. You both have control over the speed and penetration. Another great aspect of this position is he gets a great view while being able to touch you everywhere.

Joining the Pudding Club

Best Sex Positions to Get Pregnant

Pregnancy advocates agree that deeper penetration can help his seed reach the cervix faster. This from-behind position is a super-charged version of doggie style. Depending on his height, we recommend using at least 3 of the Liberator Lifts in conjunction with the Wedge/Ramp Combo. While on your knees are perched at the edge of the Ramp, pitch your body forward, allowing either your arms or chest a chance for resting comfortably on the Wedge. He will then have direct access from behind. Not only is this position great for intimacy, it also lets him wrap his arms around you.

In the Family Way

Best Sex Positions to Get Pregnant

The old wives tale is if you want a boy, then get on top and have an orgasm. Although there is no proof this one will grant you an heir, it is still a fun position for getting pregnant while hitting your G-spot. The classic cowgirl has an amazing twist using the Hipster. Get your lover to lie on his back and place his knees on the larger curve of the Hipster. Go ahead and lower yourself down while angling is penis downward. You can then reach between your legs and stimulate the clitoris as you begin rocking back and forth.

Pea in the Pod

Best Sex Positions to Get Pregnant

Don’t forget that quickies are a great way of getting pregnant too! When time is short, get comfy by lying back on Wedge. He can then lower himself on top while you spread your legs wide for entry. This position is the perfect solution for couples who want the added intimacy of skin-on-skin and eye contact. Plus, you can rest comfortably in the afterglow with your hips tilted upward.


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