3 Silicone Toy Companies You Should Be Checking Out

If you’re anything like me, when you like something you can go back to it over and over again… and frankly I know that some of you are exactly like me! How? Well There are some (awe-some!) silicone dildo makers we talk about non-stop. Don’t get me wrong, it’s with good reason. Tantus rocks my socks off on frequent basis (hell, I named my dog after them!!) and Vixen Creations is pretty freakin’ badass. It’s no surprise you hear their names over and over. And sure, a couple of new names have come up as contenders recently and those companies seem (I say seem because I don’t have their stuff myself) pretty fabulous too (I’m looking at you BS is Nice and New York Toy Collective) but let’s face it folks, we get a little bit stuck in an echo chamber where we say the same names over and over… a lot.

Today I want to change that, we’re going to talk about 3 companies I’m digging on who I would love to see become a bigger part of the conversation because, well, they are pretty darn cool.* Check it out.

Vamp Silicone

Yep, these are all Vamp… sigh… want… Photo from Vamp’s Facebook page – check it out!

First up, Vamp Silicone.  I fell hard for Vamp when I first visited Tulip Toy Gallery in Chicago on the Superhero Sex Shop Tour last year… I kid you not, between the shop’s two locations I came in to see these lovely pieces 4 times in 2 days (that’s not excessive… you’re excessive… shut up!). Gorgeous, colors, awesome shapes and both a “softskin” & “regular” option – their stuff is just awesome! Fun story: when I went back to Chicago last fall a Portland friend described her ideal dildo, she drew a picture of it on a napkin and everything. There were several criteria including that it be pink and sparkly. I walked into Tulip and 5 minutes later I had the exact piece she had described because, Vamp.  They recently came under new ownership and now Vamp seems to only be getting better. I will now say something I’ve said repeatedly over the last year and change – I don’t know why we don’t talk about Vamp more!



This is one of their most noteworthy designs – Talula (oh, yeah- they have fun names too!) The angle is like nothing else out there, it’s said to make for amazing strap-on play.

PS- Vamp makes their toys is both a firm silicone and a “softskin” which reminded me a bit of Vixskin for those who are familiar

Get yours: 

Sadly, Vamp is no more ?




Propora D1 (But Early to Bed calls it Fairy!)

Propora D1
(But Early to Bed calls it Fairy!)

I’m not going to make it to ANME this summer (I’ll be doing fun outside stuff) and I’m bummed about it for a number of reasons, not the least of which being, I was really looking forward to seeing what Maia Toys was up to! They may not have a ton of dildos out but the ones they do have are solid. Buttery silicone in fun non-representational shapes, with lovely textures and not at all wimpy- even a size queen could get down with the 1.75 in. super-ridgy Astral– these pieces are quite lovely! Add to that the fact that they each come in at under $50 and the only logical conclusion is that Maia should be getting some love!

PS-If you are at ANME, swing by the Maia booth and meet Mara Epstein (2014’s XBiz Business Woman of the year!). She’s a delight and is always happy to shown you how the suction cups on the dildos can lift up the table!

Get yours:

Early to Bed




Pleasure Works

favoriteroundI love Pleasure Works, just love them. Like, seriously love them! They are the people behind one of my top recommendations (and possibly the best toy under $30 EVER) as well as the lube I never shut up about (Please Cream forever) and this year they caught my eye with their cocks… or something….

There's the head of the Cadet poking out around the Vixens.

There’s the head of the Cadet poking out around the Vixens.

It all started at an epic blogger party (I may be abusing the word “epic” here) to which all attendees brought a favorite toy. Archvixen surprised us by not only bringing her Pleasure Works Cadet but effusing about it.  Handling the Cadet I noticed that it was a great size and shape, yes but also felt fantastic. I had come to think that inexpensive silicone dildos needed to feel hard but this one has a bit of a plush feel. I was impressed. I have since dealt with most of the line (and I have a Cadet of my own) and there’s some really great stuff – realistic styles, some more stylized shapes and even some vibrating options.

So, there are a whole bunch of Pleasure Works dildos to chose from but these are a couple of my favorites. for a bit on what makes the Cadet so great check out Archvixen’s Cadet Review.


Another thing I love about Pleasure Works toys is the price point – nothing over $60! I love being able to steer you folks towards high-quality body safe stuff that won’t break the bank!

Get yours:


Good Vibrations

She Bop (I can’t sort their page to show them exclusively, but they are almost all there!)


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