Flatten the Curve not Your Sex Appeal

Want to make love, but don’t know how to stay safe? We’ve developed the best face mask sex positions so you too can enjoy pleasure again. In a June 2020 the New York City Health Department released a COVID sex safety guideline that calls for creative ways to have sex during a pandemic. One recommendation is that everyone should be wearing a face mask during sex. Wearing a mask not only helps prevent the spread of the virus, but it can also serve a something a teensy more kinky. Unromantic as it seems, wearing a face mask could really up the ante in the sexual fantasy department — all the while in keeping you safe!

The objective with any face mask sex position is making sure you’re at the right angle for the most amount of pleasure.

Here are the Best Face Mask Sex Positions


Original Doggy is as close as you will get to being six feet apart. But Super Doggy gives you even more face-to-face distance by pitching the [bottom’s] body forward for a more ass revealing sex position. Out of an abundance of caution we recommend putting on your face mask first before slathering on the lube.

Face Mask Sex Positions with the Liberator Combo

The Liberator Wedge and Ramp Combo is an component to making the Super Doggy Style Sex Position possible. The Ramp puts the “super” in doggy-style. With knees propped on the edge of the Ramp, you are able to bend forward comfortably. The incline is what opens the bottom partner up for deeper anal and vaginal penetration. Plus, the added height makes genital-to-genital contact effortless. The Wedge (placed at the bottom of the Ramp) gives cushy support and cradles their head, neck, and shoulders—giving the arms and hands lots of  freedom to explore.

Placing the Shapes at the edge of your bed makes this so much more inviting too. Your lover doesn’t have to hold up their weight, which can get tiring after a while. Their hands are free for grabbing your hips and pull you in tight. Your hands are also free—and we’re sure you know what to do with them. The Black Label Wedge/Ramp combo, with its wrist restraints, adds just that extra touch of eroticism.


Best Face Mask Sex Positions

A face mask can bring out the beauty in your eyes. A face mask can also help minimize exposure when you’re screaming out your lovers name. Out of all of our face mask sex positions. Moan, yell, and scream as much as you desire, especially since reverse cowgirl takes you out of the line of fire.

The reverse cowgirl sex position is the sexiest! The reason—your lover gets to watch as his gear goes in and out and you don’t have to exert too much energy! Get more bang for your fuck with the help of the Wedge/Ramp Combo. The Wedge under his knees creates a fulcrum point and lets him thrust upward. And with the Ramp behind him, his head is placed for maximum eye candy!

This angle makes it easier for rising up and get more height without as much work. Plus, your weight will be forward, giving you some good momentum and intense G-spot stimulation.

Face Mask Sex Positions with the help of the Liberator Hipster


Face Mask Sex Positions

Looking at the angle of this face mask sex position, it appears their faces are an appropriate distance away. This position would be virtually impossible without the support of the Hipster. The undulating shape curves can really maximize your pleasure while trying out this face mask sex position. Sculpted to cradle the human form with high and low curves to bolster your head, back, and knees, creating optimal lift and angles in missionary or from-behind positions. It also reinvigorates oral by boosting the body to provide better access. Of course, this Shape is cut from our extremely durable furniture-grade foam, and it is covered in an ultra-soft and removable cover.

One benefit of this face mask sex positions is couples can also incorporate sex toys for added stimulation. A wearable vibe can help increase friction and stimulation to the G-spot.

Face Mask Sex Positions using the Liberator Esse

Flatten the Curve Appeal

Where there’s a will there’s a way — How hard is it to get around the whole social distancing thing when it comes to sex? We all want to flatten the curve, but don’t want it sacrificing our sex lives. Take for instance this face mask sex positions. It designed to keep you connected using eye contact and deep penetration even while trying to remain apart.

For face mask sex positions, the Liberator Esse is like having a private adult playground at your fingertips. The ultimate love lounger for any couple, the Esse lets you explore great sex without be too far apart. It provides an array of position possibilities and is capable of handling even your most creative desires. Designed with stylish high and low curves, this Shape is the perfect balance of aesthetics, practically, versatility and is supremely comfortable. We love the idea of using the Esse for mutual masturbation sessions.

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