Review— The LELO DEXTRÜS or My New Security Blanket

Okay, so this was part of LELO’s April Fool’s joke! Sorry guys, no Left Handed Orgasms for you!

The adult toy market is full of products claiming to be innovative and that they are the product that does something new so I may be a bit cynical about such claims. That’s why when LELO approached me about testing their newest product, the DEXTRÜS, I kept my expectations low. I figured there was no way it could live up to their claims.  So, here’s the part where I eat a big dish of crow because DEXTRÜS is actually really cool.

So, what’s the deal with this toy?

This is not just a sex toy, folks. Also, it’s not designed for everyone, literally. DEXTRÜS is a “right-handed vibrator” designed to help righties stimulate the parts of the brains that, according to studies, allow lefties to experience greater sexual pleasure, and creative thought.

How does it work?

So this is actually pretty cool — the toy is multi-use. One use is intended to help achieve what LELO is calling (stay with me here) “The Left-Handed Orgasm” and the other use is simply to help stimulate the right side of the brain, aiding in creative thought. While I can tell you what to do with the toy I’m going to have to rely on LELO a bit to help explain why to do it- listen up, it’s interesting stuff.


For “The Left-Handed Orgasm” (LHO, if you will) you just continually squeeze the DEXTRÜS in your left hand throughout sex. According to LELO this “Every squeeze prompts the touch-sensors to emit the same series of powerful vibration patterns that can be applied all over the body, while at the same time allowing the user to access a left-handers’ state of mind.”

For the not-orgasmic use (seriously, you can just do this at work) you can just squeeze the toy and “Every time pressure is applied to DEXTRÜS, its Right-Squeeze™ technology causes whisper-quiet vibrations to travel through the left-arm and stimulate the right-side of the brain, blocking distractions and encouraging smarter, more creative thought.

For more explanation of all of this, check out this video from LELO


Seriously, does this work? 

To find out you’ll have to check out the rest of my review at

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