Awesome stuff for hot sex that might happen to occur on February 14th

So, as you may have noticed, I have been on the road for the last 12 days. I miss my home, I miss my bed, I miss other stuff. I suspect this may result in me having a lot of sex on February 14th.  Now, I’m not into Valentine’s day but I imagine it like the sex-bacon-pancakes-beer valentine’s day I described in last year’s post.

All that said, I am thinking about what I want to have with me for a sex marathon* that happens to be on February 14th. Here’s the list. Be prepared, some of it is stuff I talk about ALL THE TIME because, obviously I want that stuff with me and some of it is stuff I’ve been thinking would be fun to add in.

So check it out and see if there’s anything you might like for your own sex-a-thons- no matter what day of the year they land on!


FC2 Internal Condoms



Because condoms are a must and these have become my condoms of choice.

Due to a completely baffling decision by the manufacturer FC2 condoms are no longer available for purchase and now require speaking to a doctor. It’s ridiculous and I’m sorry. 

Get it here (The links will remain active as long as my affiliates have them in stock.):
She Bop, Lucky Bloke



And now for  the lube arsenal! Because you can never have too much. These are all my favorites.

favoriteroundPlease Cream Lubricant

Please Cream Lube

I love a hybrid lube (water based lube that contains some silicone)- it’s the best of both worlds! If you have ever read me at all you probably already know I am mildly obsessed with Please Cream– it’s incredible!


Get it here:
Good VibrationsLucky Bloke



favoriteroundUberlube Silicone Lubricant

3354I’ve come to enjoy keeping silicone lube around too. It never dries out and I like to put some inside my FC2 condom before I insert it because, you know, hospitality. Uberlube is fantastic- it feels amazing and, I have to say it, is packaged beautifully.

Get it here:
Good Vibrations, SheVibe, Early to Bed, She BopMy Secret LuxuryLucky Bloke


favoriteroundSliquid Organics Water Based Gel Lubricant


I went on a mission to find a good, thick water-based lube because I don’t love the most popular one that most folks recommend (it’s great, just not for me) but I LOVE Sliquid so I’m trying their organic offering instead. Also, who am I to argue with Tristan Taormino?

Get it here:
SheVibe, Early to Bed, She Bop, LovehoneyMy Secret LuxuryPeepshow Toys



And then toys and stuff!


favoriteroundAneros Helix Syn

I took my sexy time partner to a Charlie Glickman class recently and  I have been dying to get up a toy review for penis/prostate having folks so everybody wins!

Get it here:
SheVibe, Early to Bed, She Bop, LovehoneyMy Secret Luxury




We-Vibe 4

This is a chance that I’ll be arriving home to find one of these (provided my mail is still there – who forgot to put a hold on her mail? ME!) After I raved about the coolness of the We-Vibe 4 on Sex Out Loud Radio and mentioned that I hadn’t tested it, some internet magic happened and apparently I have one coming. Can. Not. Wait.

The WeVibe 4 has gone to the great bedside drawer in the sky but other models are still available. Check out the Sync!



favoriteroundMystic Wand


This is my closer, my go-to. For me this is the sexual equivalent of bringing a toothbrush along with me. If there’s action to be had my Mystic Wand will be part of it. #MysticWandForever

Get it here:
Good Vibrations, SheVibe, Early to Bed, She Bop, LovehoneyPeepshow Toys




Tantus Supersoft C-Ring

I have one of these that I haven’t used yet- now is the time. It is arguably the nicest stretchy cock ring I’ve ever felt.

Get it here:



favoriteroundNjoy Pure Wand

 The Pure Wand consistently elicits response from my body that nothing else has – EVER. I recommend the large end. 

Get it here:
Good VibrationsSheVibe, Early to Bed, She Bop, LovehoneyMy Secret LuxuryPeepshow Toys



Key Comet G- Spot Wand


comet1This is more theoretical as I don’t actually own the Comet but it has been referred to as a contender for the Pure Wand’s “king of squirting” crown. I’m fascinated.

Get it here:



favoriteroundLiberator Fascinator Throe

Again, theoretical but, you now, squirting and all. The Fascinator Throe is designed to keep your bed mess-free, which I support. Post-sex sheet changing is not the most fun thing ever.

Get it here:
SheVibe, She Bop



So, that’s what the sex I happen to be having on February 14th might involve. I hope any sex you may or may not happen to be having on that or any other date is fun and fabulous!

 *This is possibly the most I’ve ever talked about sex I’m having in one post. I tend to not discuss my own partnered sex life on the site.

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