Because we live in the future!

Anyone else feel like the Jetsons left you with unrealistic expectations?

I don’t know about you guys but I sometimes blurt out “It’s 2018! How do we not have teleportation/jet packs/time travel etc yet?!” Basically I feel like movies and books sold us a bill of goods about what the future would be like and the “future” hasn’t delivered it. This is 100% unfair- many of us walk around with fully functional computers in our pockets while computers used to look like this, the future is pretty much here. I was thinking about this recently because, I was remembering a movie called Demolition Man that featured lots of “look how wacky the future will be!” stuff including virtual reality sex. Now, I know we still touch actual humans (in the film the VR sex took the place of touching people, I think because of STI fear?) but we definitely now have the VR sex experience available too. I have no idea how this works or where one even goes to find it (cut me a break, folks, I was born during the Carter administration!) but the folks at Sex Tech Guide sure do! If VR porn sounds fun to you, go check out what they have to say about it!

Best VR porn: 41+ top adult virtual reality sites reviewed (2018)

This post was sponsored by Sex Tech Guide. The thoughts expressed in it are, as always, my own.

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