World’s first audio erotica streaming platform ‘femtasy’ makes UK debut : Sex & London City

Already tipped to be one of the hottest sexual wellbeing trends of the new decade, female-centric audio erotica is already making waves of pleasure across the globe.

Providing a sensory alternative to visual arousal aids, audio-erotica provider femtasy launched as a result of co-founder Nina Julie Lepique (pictured) surveying more than 1500 women about sexuality.  Her research unearthed a wealth of information about women’s most intimate desires and fantasies, alongside their preferences relating to self-love. What she discovered led her to develop the first prototype of femtasy; the world’s first streaming platform for erotic audio stories for women.

Nina Julie says, “Audio erotica gives women the opportunity to explore and discover a different side of their sexuality. Our senses are such an important part of our overall sexual experiences, but the role our aural senses have to play in those experiences often get forgotten.  We spoke with 1500 women about female sexuality, and as a result know how important it is for them to be able to focus on their most intimate fantasies and bring their erotic wants/desires/needs to life.  This knowledge allowed us to combine the characteristics of a typical erotic portal with a platform for audio storytelling to offer the best of both worlds, in short: explicit audio stories.”

With more than 1 million plays per month, femtasy offers its UK users more than 230 intimate audio stories that give listeners access to around 50 ‘intimate fantasies’ from as affordable as £5.99 for a short 24 hour ‘taster’ commitment.

There’s also the option to subscribe monthly for £12.99 per month or £84.99 for the year by direct debit that can be cancelled at any time.  What’s more, there’s a seven-day free trial so that individuals can explore the content and decide if it’s right for them.

Offering an inclusive space that embraces body positivity, the view that every shape is beautiful is reflected in the content where approximately 60% of all femtasy audio recordings do not use exact descriptions of the skin or body parts, so that every story has the opportunity to resonate with the listener. In addition, diversity is embraced with approximately 40% of all content designed to appeal to the LGBTQ+ listener.

Ideal for listening solo or with a partner whenever and wherever you want!  The audio-stimulation of femtasy leaves your body free and uninhibited whilst you experience your ultimate erotic fantasies.  For further information about femtasy and the founders, please visit

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