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For many adults out there, dating can be a lot of work. Too many responsibilities await most people at work or at home, and many of us are too busy; they don’t have the time for flirting, visiting the bar, and more. Others may already have children to look for, but they are divorced with their exes to contend with. They might want to get some fresh air from all the responsibilities and date another person that can become their life partners, but how the hell do you make it happen?!

Fortunately, the internet makes getting to know someone a more straightforward process. Adults who have lots of work and meetings can send a chat to a person they like online. Others find more interesting people who have the same hobbies as them on dating sites and got tips on to get more info on how they can date someone safely on the internet. Regardless of whether you are into casual dating or looking for a more long-term romantic partner, here are some interesting things that men shared on what they expect in an adult dating setting.

1. Over-researching is out of the question for Oliver

It’s common for both sexes to check each other’s social media profiles before seeing each other in person. However, Oliver shared that he’s turned off with girls who are judging him all by his profile looks. He also doesn’t want that person to ask about him from his friends and families, which can be a big turn off.

Instead, what women should do is to have a fresh start, and they should not have a tainted view of the man from the start. Some of the fun comes from knowing someone new to your circle, which should come naturally.

2. Steve’s burgers are the winners

Steve shared that what he wants is to see the real character of a woman. Nothing fancy, just real people. Need to brush up on your dating etiquette? Head over to Huff Po to learn a little more.

He said that he could do this by taking his date into a dive bar filled with excellent hamburgers and fries to see how the woman will act. If you act cool with this, then you are a darling. If you’re not offended that your date can’t afford a high-end restaurant, then they can tell that you are not after the money, and you also wanted to enjoy a great time.

3. Orlando doesn’t want a comparison of exes

You should never even talk about your ex on the first date. Most horror stories are indeed about exes but never bring them into every conversation you have with your current date. Orlando can’t stand it when his dates begin to compare how the other exes are good in bed, which is a big turn off. If you could not get over with your ex, you should not be dating in the first place.

4. Attempts in paying the bill is great for Nate

For the first date, most women assume that everything is free. The food, drinks, and rides are all expenses that belong to a man. However, with Nate, a woman who insists on paying is a big turn on for him. The woman shows that she is enjoying the company, and she is genuinely interested in the other party. According to Nate, wanting to be wined and dined regularly without knowing where you both stand can be a big waste of money and time for many men.

5. Max wants a Fuss-free Experience in Food

Understandably, your date may be practicing a rigorous diet. However, when there’s a choice for dainty foods, it might be time to reconsider things. Delicate foods can translate into salads, vegetables, and salmons.

If you are frequently counting your calorie intake or are too sensitive to what you are taking, it’s time to reconsider things. For Max, the first few dates should have simple and good food that you both can forget about so that the conversation will be more focused on one another.

These are just some of the tips that you can follow. They might be from the point of view of men, but this also applies to them, too! The first dates should be about knowing more of each other on a deeper level and enjoying one another’s company.

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