Sexy Beasts of the Kama Sutra

Most of us have heard musings about the Kama Sutra. We’ve seen the taboo illustrations and blushed over the overly complicated posturing wondering how we could ever manage to do that ourselves. Well guess what? You can! With the assistance of Liberator iconic Shapes and uniquely designed Sex Furniture you can master the seemingly impossible positions that lie within this classic text!

For the uninitiated, the Kama Sutra is an ancient Sanskrit work of reflections on the four main goals of life, including moral conduct, resources, love and spiritual liberation. It’s not just about wild sex positions! It also explores the intricate connections we form with partners and classifies the most optimal couplings.

There are three classes each for men and women, and just like a dating horoscope, your class determines the best match. It all comes down to the length of his lingam (penis, obviously) and the depth of her yoni (a sexy name for the vagina). A man with a small penis is a hare (rabbit), a larger penis is a bull, and the largest is a stallion. According to the depth of her vagina, a woman is classified as a doe (a deer, a female deer), a mare, or an elephant. Do you and your partner often feel like you’re trying to park a big Mack truck in a little garage? Are you slinging a hotdog down a Kubrickian hallway?

Modern myths that “bigger is better” can lead to feelings of inferiority or inadequacy among men. Take heart, guys, size DOES matter but only in relation to your physical compatibility. So much emphasis is placed on the size of the man but little is placed on the depth of the woman. The truth is both have classifications that can determine long-term satisfaction and happiness.

Sexy Beasts of the Kama Sutra - Rabbit & Deer

Rabbit & Deer

Rabbits are small and nimble and pair well with the delicate and tiny Deer. (This might explain why Bambi and Thumper were such good friends.) It’s an ideal fit that ensures pleasure between the two especially with the added lift and angle of the classic Liberator Wedge.

Sexy Beasts of the Kama Sutra - Bull & Mare

Bull & Mare

What’s more apropos than a Mare being ridden on an Equus Wave? Bulls are large and robust and complement the depth of the Mare. According to ye olde Sutra, Bulls and Mares are a perfect match. Average lingam + average yoni = YES! YES! OH GOD, YES! 

Sexy Beasts of the Kama Sutra - Stallion & Elephant

Stallion & Elephant

Stallions are well-endowed and vigorous. Their match is the formidable and spacious Elephant. The Elephant has a lot of sexy junk opposite her trunk and only a Stallion knows how to fill it! And there’s nowhere better than atop an Esse, where his match can ride him until he yells “Neigh!”

These three pairings are seen as high unions that result in the most satisfying sex. High unions are prized because they are mutually beneficial and do not cause injury to the woman. 

While some might argue that this list unfairly categorizes or stigmatizes the size of our sex organs, which is something we cannot control, it does give us a blueprint for greater sexual compatibility. And that compatibility is the foundation to fully enjoy the positions for which the Kama Sutra is most famous.

Original art by Reshma Shinde

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