New sex toy inspired by trans women launches in the UK! : Sex & London City

While the sex toy industry has acceptance in abundance, it often lacks diversity when it comes to giving pleasure.

But here is a step in the right direction!

Global pleasure wearable brand, Exo, has announced that its first ever pre sale will go live this month on its newly launched website, where customers will be able to order a never seen before pleasure stimulator inspired by trans women.

Despite there being nearly half a million transgender people in the UK alone*, most sex toys in the industry are designed to accommodate cisgender people’s pleasure. There are very few pleasure devices available that are designed specifically for the transgender community, trans women and AMAB non-binary people in particular.

Exo is an innovative sex toy driven by inclusivity and inspired by natural body mechanics. An external device, Exo works with the body’s organic movement for anyone with a penis / external erectile genitals to receive pleasure. Adaptable with adjustable straps that make it unique to each body, it is designed for changing bodies and accompanies the evolving pleasure pulsing through a transitional journey.

Understanding that every sexual experience is unique; Exo allows its wearer to receive enhanced external stimulation during solo or partnered play in a way that reflects their chosen gender expression.

One user said; “I liked the motion I had to make with my body, trying to use your own body’s rhythms… you don’t have a toy in your hand, can really focus on it and just enjoy it.” 

Founder, Lucas Hartmann, says, “With Exo, my mission is to embrace every trans woman worldwide on her journey of (re)discovery, provide dependable support and awaken pleasure in the body.”

Exo’s goal is to lead in innovation and development of first class pleasure products that support discovery, sensation and pleasure for trans women on their transition journey and allow anyone else with external erectile genitals to receive pleasure in a different way.

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