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Listen up, fellas! This one’s for you!

Ever heard of MYHIXEL? Well if you’re a guy having sex then you should. MYHIXEL specialise in climax control solutions so if you’re finding that you’re coming too soon or have difficulty crossing the finish line, then they’re the people for you.

And they have a new product launching for you.

MYHIXEL MAX is the first natural product out there that can increase your ejaculatory control. Hmmm natural. Gotta love that!


This means that MYHIXEL MAX comes completely from the earth. It is a 100% natural nutritional supplement – containing a unique formula based on scientific studies – with what MYHIXEL claims are no side effects.

So, what’s actually in it?

Sourced from plants, the active ingredient Quercetin is used in combination with Hypercium to effectively regulate the secretion of serotonin to “promote harmony between the body and mind.” This works to alleviate anxiety and stress that can often inhibit ejaculatory control.

Basically, if you’re stressed or anxious it can be difficult to come. MYHIXEL MAX works to prevent that.

Patricia Lopez, CEO and founder of MYHIXEL, says “At MYHIXEL we see our sex lives from a holistic point of view. We work in collaboration with sexologists, urologists and psychologists, but also with nutritionists and personal trainers. Thanks to the cooperation between our experts in nutrition and our sexological institute, we are thrilled to launch our first natural supplement addressing premature ejaculation. This is the first of a new line of natural supplements which accompanies our medically-backed solutions MYHIXEL MED & MYHIXEL TR“.

Sound good? Get yourself over to MYHIXEL and give it a try for yourself!

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