2020 Lusty Lit Contest Entry: You Trust Me, Right?

David checks my blindfold, ensuring that it’s tight and that I can’t see.  “Sharon, you trust me, right?” My naked body shivers with anticipation.  Maybe?  “Um, yes. I guess.”  What are you up to, Mr. Garcia?

“Stay put.  I’ll be right back.”  His footsteps trail off across our bedroom and he slides open the patio door. I snap, “What the fuck, David?  Did you really just open the patio for the neighbors to see me standing here in nothing but high heels and a fucking blindfold?”  I married a perverted maniac! He shushes me and returns, putting a finger across my lips.  “No one can see our back patio at night.  I thought you trusted me.” “I do, but—”

“Trust me.”  He takes my hands and slowly leads me towards the sounds of the open patio. My heart races.  Is this man for real right now?  I feel the wind rush in and it tickles my shower-damp skin.  I get goosebumps all over and my nipples stiffen.  I feel a hot, wet rush between my legs and I realize that I like this, whatever this is.  “Oh, David,” I purr.  I am ready for whatever he has in store.  I follow him anxiously, awaiting his next move.

David shifts around behind me and guides me by the waist across the threshold and onto the patio.

I cannot believe this man has me outside NAKED, and I really can’t believe how much I love it.  I’m so wet, and so horny.  I hear cars passing in the distance, but I don’t care anymore.  I’m ready to fuck. He guides me forward until I reach some sort of padded bench. I whisper, “What the fuck is this, David?” Reaching forward to explore it, I discover its curves.  

“You finally got the fucking Esse Chaise, didn’t you?  Didn’t you?!”

My husband just chuckles.  He presses my shoulders forward and down, and my body molds to the shape of our new sex chair with my ass arched up to the stars above.  He kicks my feet wider like a police officer preparing to do a pat-down and grips my ass.  He spreads my cheeks and licks up and down my crack until he slides all the way down to my throbbing clit.

“Mmm, fuck,” I purr softly.  “Lick it!  Fucking lick it now, honey!”

David devours my pussy, sucking and licking my clit like a madman.  He grunts in pleasure as he slurps my juicy slit. He surprises me by pushing my stainless-steel swarovski crystal anal plug up my ass.  His ambitiously flicking tongue- and butt-play are enough to make me explode in orgasm.

I screech into our quiet neighborhood, “Ohhhh, fuck!” My voice echoes as I come hard and my body collapses in a twitching pile on our Esse.  My ass clenches around my plug with every climatic wave, only adding to my pleasure.  I lay there whimpering in bliss when I hear my husband’s jeans drop to the ground.  Yes!  Fuck me!  I’m trembling all over and I’m not sure if it’s the orgasm, the rush of being outdoors and possibly seen and heard, the brisk nighttime air, the anticipation of what my husband will do next, or some combination of it all.

Without warning, David pushes his cock deep into my sopping wet slit.  “It’s so good,” he grunts, gripping my waist and increasing his pace.  He fucks me hard and fast, sounding like someone running in flip-flops.

A quicky?  Okay, I’m good with that.  Take it how you want it.  “Fuck me, David,” I whisper as I push back into my husband’s thrust, hoping he’ll come as hard as I did.

He slaps my ass and pulls out.  “Not yet.”  He guides me around the Esse and lays me down on my back.  He dives, face first, into my pussy again until I orgasm twice more.

“I need you inside me,” I plead.  “Fuck me.”

He kisses me from my pussy up my belly and sucks each of my breasts before tongue kissing me and easing his thick dick back inside me. I gasp in delight.  I never get tired of feeling him slide into me.

He puts my heels over his shoulders and plows into me furiously.  He pulls my hand up to his mouth, licks my fingers, then guides my hand down to my pussy.  “Don’t stop until I say so,” he demands.

“You trying to kill me?” I grumble as I find my rhythm on my clit.

“You’ll die happy, won’t you?”  He continues thrashing into me with all his might and notices my pussy clenching around him on the verge of another orgasm.  “No.  I want to look you in those beautiful eyes this time.”  He removes my blindfold just in time.

I catch a quick glimpse of my sexy man’s silhouette in the moonlight before my eyes roll back.  “Oh, oh, ohhhh!”  My body spasms uncontrollably while my husband continues to have his way with me.  I’m euphoric and black out momentarily before I realize my husband is trying to talk to me.

“Come again, baby!  Come again, Sharon.”

“What?!  You are really trying to kill me!”

“Come again.  I said don’t stop until I say so.  Now rub that clit and come for me.  Again.  And again.”

Well, what the fuck?  I lick my fingers and reach for my pussy.  “Is this what you like?  Is this what you want?  Pervert!”  My fingers whip into a blur as I take every inch of my husband’s jackhammering cock.  I oblige his wishes and lose count of my orgasms as my pussy continually floods his rampaging cock.

After what seems like an eternity, David’s breath starts to fluctuate.

“Fuck yes, David.  I want your cum!”  I get so excited coaxing him; I erupt as he pumps me full of his thick load.

We hold one another and pant heavily.

“From now on, trust me,” he mutters, catching his breath.  “Okay?”

“Oh, I most definitely will!”

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