Car Hole –

Hello, everyone! Here’s more from the late August 2016 archive, and a trip down to the garage with my little blue thong (which Holden adores) and my sheer lime-green robe (which longtime readers are probably sick to death of seeing, by now. That’s why these are in black and white, this time around.) The top image is an outtake of an attempt to duplicate a gorgeous professional image, which has since been removed by Tumblr for violating their draconian nipple policy. And the bottom (tee hee) is a rare glimpse of the back of the thong, though there’s another awesome image of it in the same archive, that we will re-visit in the coming weeks. Take care, y’all! ~C

P.S. Do check out a new widget on the sidebar, please — This little blog came in at #58 on Molly’s list of the top sex bloggers of 2020! Please take a look at the collection, as we guarantee you’ll find some delightful new reading material!

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