2020 Lusty Lit Contest Entry: A Poem of Love and Pleasure

Hesitation on the page, hand hovering above the paper. Her satin robe slipping off one shoulder, partially exposing the left breast. A chill in the cool December erects the nipple as her breath hinges in the still air.

The lioness in me purrs, she feels you, senses you.

Desire clings in the air, every nerve awoken.

The trace of your lips against mine, inhaling you into me.

Encouraging, exploring, falling…

Faster, harder, deeper…

Breathe, exhale, timing…

Waiting, hoping, wanting…


Needs, dreams, reality.

Questions continuously fleet in and out of the mind.

So many uncertainties, except for one.

I have never felt more alive.

Her dimpled cheeks flush from an inner radiated ignition as she lay her pencil upon the poem. Tingles illuminate her sensitive bare skin as a soft kiss is placed upon her neck. Her eyelashes flutter at the sensual kiss. Her lips part as a whisper escapes her lips, “Clarence.”

“I have a surprise for you, Joan.”

The room is frigid but enticingly electric. Clarence gently slips Joan’s robe back upon her shoulder, gazing at her breast in the meantime. A mischievous grin spreads across his face. 

“And what is today’s writing prompt?” 

He brushes the strawberry blonde hair out of her face as she peers to look at him in response. “You. Everything lately has been you.” Clarence’s dark chestnut eyes twinkle at the thought. Me? How could I ever be so interesting? Brushing the thought aside, his strong hands gently grab ahold of Joan’s as he gracefully coaxes her from the mahogany rocker. Their bodies move in sync walking through the glass French doors that lead into the moonbeam room. Windows scale the walls, vaulted skylights create the illusion of space. The moonlight cascades perfectly over their new plush Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo, its red color adding a thirst appeal as their eyes linger over it.

“It looks so soft and fun! Oh my God, does it look fun!” Joan lets out a childish giggle. Clarence’s perfect smile is illuminated by the moonlit sky. This. This is why I love her. His supple lips kiss the top of her forehead. Joan’s gaze catches him as he pulls back, making him speechless. Those beautiful blue-green eyes, with specks of amber, it’s as if he was looking into an oceanic oasis.


Clarence guides her to the edge of the pearl comforter. His fingers graze along her collarbone and down her sternum until he gets to the knot of her robe. Joan shudders as his hands move across her body, elegantly touching. Clarence loosens the knot and allows gravity to do the rest. Joan’s nipples are perfectly showcased behind the satin as it slowly falls from covering her chest. Her pear-shaped silhouette exudes confidence as the robe slips all the way to the floor. Beautiful and sexy.

“What now, Daddy?” Joan asks coyly, a devilish grin sweeps across her face.

“Nothing. You will do nothing. Tonight is all about you.” 

“But, why?” 

A sense of sadness hinders on her face. “I love getting to enjoy you, too. Feeling your strong skin underneath my fingertips as they stroll along your body.” Joan begins to untie Clarence’s baggy sweatpants. Such a shame to hide a perfect package in something so baggy. “Getting to the tip of your cock and rubbing it with my thumb, your pre-come allowing it to slick back and forth. Hearing you moan as my lips trail along your inner thigh before I lick up your cock and place him all in my mouth.” His sweatpants fall to the ground, leaving Clarence in his tight camo boxer briefs. Joan moves her hand to stroke him over the remaining barrier. “Deep-throating, sucking. Taking each sack in my mouth and humming, watching your body begin to shake uncontrollably.”

Clarence jolts to attention as Joan depicts her story. He reaches for her hand and stops her stroking. “Because you deserve it, that’s why.” His other hand caresses the nape of her neck as he pulls her close into him, their tongues finding harmony. Heated, passionate, mesmerizing. 

“Now. Get up on this Wedge. I want to devour you.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

Joan lays on the small Wedge, her buttocks elevated from the bed. A pristine view of her pussy shines in the glistening moonlight, wet with desire. Clarence excites at the beauty before him. Oh, fuck. He spreads her legs. Joan is watching every movement, every touch. Clarence’s lips and tongue tease just above the clit, his fingertips moving along her inner thigh. Tickle rubs, her favorite. Joan releases a breathless moan as the sensations kaleidoscope together. She plays with her breasts, massaging them with her hands and pulling on her nipples. Clarence moves his mouth to Joan’s clit, inserting two fingers into her pussy. “Oh, fuck, Baby! That feels so amazing.” Clarence continues to finger fuck her pussy. He inhales, sucking harder and harder on her clit then switches to insane pressure as he rolls it on his tongue. 

“Your pussy is so wet for me, Baby. Fucking hot. Come for me. Squirt all over me.”

Joan’s breathing becomes deeper, more frequent. Her legs start to shudder. Clarence can sense she’s close. He uses her pussy to wet his pinky finger, and carefully slides it into her ass. Joan’s body convulses at the sheer trifecta of pleasure. Her neck and face become crimson, mouth parched, devoid of any spit. Clarence moves his fingers faster, rolls his tongue on her clit harder. “Fuck. I’m gonna come, Baby.” Sparks ignite throughout Joan’s entire body, brain immersed in an orgasmic fog. “I’m coming, Daddy! Oh, fuck, I’m gonna squirt for you!” Clarence’s eyes widen in awe as her pussy ejaculates for him.

“You are absolutely amazing,” Clarence exudes, enthralled in the beauty before him.

“No. It’s you. It’ll always be you.” Joan lays her head back, eyes closed, captivated by love and pleasure.

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