2020 Lusty Lit Contest Entry: Webcam Inspirations

As our very first erotic group webcam chat ended, Aiden stood and announced, “I don’t know if you’re ready, Baby, but I am.” By the time we stepped into the bedroom all she had on was her bra and panties. I was already naked and rock hard. As she moved to the bed I asked, “Are you ok with being restrained like the woman on the chat?” She smiled and licked her lips, “Oh yeah, I can’t wait to show you my kinky bits.”

I retrieved the cuffs. Aiden smiled, unsnapping her bra and letting it fall to the floor. I leaned in, giving her a wet kiss. She bit my lower lip and then stepped back, smiled, and held her hands out with wrists pressed together, offering herself. I spun her around, grasping one of her wrists and bringing it behind her back as she pivoted. It looked like a well-choreographed dance move. Then, grasping her other wrist, brought them together at the small of her back. It only took a moment to secure the cuffs. I whispered, “Not too tight?” She replied, “No, Master, just right”. 

“I want you on your knees.”

“Yes, Sir.” 

She slowly knelt as I moved my hands to the back of her head.

Aiden was gazing up at me, biting her lip. I gathered her hair as I guided her face toward my waiting manhood. She opened her mouth, letting her lips rest on the tip. Her tongue snaked out from between her lips, and she licked down one side of my shaft then back up the other. She then circled my glans and flicked at my pee hole. I groaned loudly and she smiled, “Your cum is so sweet.” She opened her lips. I slipped my member into her mouth and began to thrust, each stroke going deeper. It didn’t take long to be fully buried in her mouth with her lips around my base. Her tongue gave my balls a swift lick and I groaned loudly. After a moment she gagged slightly, I immediately withdrew. She gasped for air and licked her lips, she opened wide, inviting my cock back into the warmth and wetness of her mouth. After several more minutes, I helped her stand, and led her to the Liberator Equus Wave.

I stopped her short, spun her around, and unfastened the cuffs. I sat on the Equus Wave, looking her up and down as she removed her soaked panties. I told her, “Touch yourself. Show me how you like it.” She eagerly obliged. She was enjoying it as her head tilted back and a string of moans escaped her lips. I reached out and pulled her forward, giving her a kiss on her belly, and licked my way down until I found the top of her slit. Giving it a quick lick, she moaned “Oh, God.” I stood as I had her sit on the Equus Wave, telling her, “Play with yourself again.” She moved one hand to her breast and tweaked her nipple as she moved the other hand to her sex. She asked, “Sir, please get my finger vibe.” I did as asked and also retrieved the Talea Spreader Bar and cuffs from where I had laid them. Bending down, I fastened them around her ankles and clipped them to the spreader. She held out her hand, “Slip the vibe on my finger.” I slipped it on as if placing a ring on her finger. She smiled as she then moved her hand between her legs. She slid the vibe down one side of her swollen lips and back up the other side. When she reached the top she pressed it against her clearly visible pink button. Her head tilted back, her hips bucked upward and she let out a loud moan followed by, “Oh my God that feels good.” I stepped forward with cock in hand. She leaned forward, opened her lips, and took me into her mouth. I began to thrust. She was moaning loudly as she sucked me and stroked her pussy. I suddenly pulled Aiden’s mouth from my cock, removing the cuffs and spreader bar.

I repositioned her on the Equus Wave on her hands and knees. Her back was nicely arched, her entire bottom exposed to view. I dove into her and began rimming her upturned ass as she brought the vibe back to her dripping slit. She used her fingers, spreading her lips apart, then slid the vibe inside. She gave out a howl as she found her G-spot. She was bucking her hips back into my face and loudly urging me on.

I stood, stepped up behind her, and pressed my hard cock against her waiting slit. It slipped easily inside her until my balls were against her swollen lips, spreading them apart. She was soon screaming “Oh God, Oh God, Baby, that’s it – fuck me!” Suddenly she said, “I need my ass fucked, Sir.” I told her, “Put that vibe back inside, Baby.”

I placed my cock head against her anal opening. I spit into my hand to lubricate myself and pressed gently forward, eventually slipping inside. She grunted loudly as she began working my shaft deeper. It didn’t take long before my thighs were pressed against her backside. She began to move back and forth on the Equus Wave, and soon I was really pounding her. Her thighs were shaking and her breath was coming in large gasps between moans. She screamed, “Oh My God, I’m coming, Baby! I’m gonna explode all over you!” Her entire body convulsed as I thrust forward as deeply as I could. She screamed, “That’s it, Baby, fill me full of that seed! Oh God, I’m squirting, Baby!” Her entire body convulsed as my warm seed filled her ass. I gave her several more thrusts, fully emptying my balls. I then collapsed on top of her shaking body. After a moment we climbed on the bed and spooned up against each other. Aiden ran her hands over my body, and as she did she whispered, “Thank you, Master.” We soon fell into a deep sleep.

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