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Guest post by London Tantric.

With another national lockdown in full effect, people are again forced to stay home to stop the spread of COVID-19. These ongoing restrictions have drastically limited the options for social interaction — significantly impacting people’s wellbeing — not to mention it’s negative effects on more intimate activities for singles and couples alike.

Being cooped up indoors can spell disaster for your sex life, so how can you revitalise your romantic endeavours in lockdown? The art of tantra can unlock a whole new realm of possibilities for spiritual and sexual adventure, whether you’re by yourself or with a partner.

What is tantra? And where did it originate?

Tantra is derived from Buddhist and Hindu scriptures that describe various techniques that are most closely linked to meditative — and sexual — practices. In Sanskrit, “tantra” simply means “woven together”. As the name implies, these tantric rituals aim to “weave together” the body and spirit, providing incredible benefits to the practitioner by creating a deeply spiritual connection.

How does tantra work?

Expert tantric therapists — like those who practice tantric massage — use physical and spiritual techniques that gently shift you into a state of blissful relaxation. They’ll help you harness your sensuality and spiritual energy to create a spell-binding experience. People often report the intense, near-orgasmic pleasure that tantric sessions can induce, not to mention the long-term benefits that remain present for days, weeks and months after their intensely — and often highly erotic — encounter.

From relaxing your muscles to clearing your mind, improving circulation to enhancing your libido, all forms of tantra are laden with a wealth of benefits that can greatly enhance your physical and mental wellbeing.

Can tantra improve your sex life?

The art of tantra can completely revolutionise the way you approach intimacy. While tantric arts aren’t explicitly associated with the physical act of sex, the deep physical and spiritual connections you create with yourself and with your partner can amplify your bedroom antics. 

You can expect some truly mind-blowing experiences and immense benefits by learning how to align your sexuality with your spirituality. Tantra can help you:


  • Have better foreplay: A tantric massage can be an immensely enjoyable form of foreplay, easing you and your partner into a divine state of relaxation and providing a tantalising prelude to more intimate acts. The use of touch can bring you closer together, teasing and pleasing you and creating incredible sensations.
  • Form deeper connections with your partner: Intimacy with the same partner can become routine — or even a chore — for some couples. This has been highlighted under the highly unromantic and unpredictable circumstances the world currently finds itself in. Using tantric methods to touch and feel one another combines your energy, creating a powerful bond within yourself and with your partner.
  • Gain a greater understanding of your body: You might know what you like, but there’s so much more of the body to explore than just your private parts. Tantra isn’t explicitly focused on sex; it’s about discovering different ways of reaching a state of spiritual and physical ecstasy. Tantric methodologies can help you become more creative in the bedroom, allowing you to uncover new, tantalising ways of generating highly potent sexual energy.
  • Discover some new moves: Since you’re learning about your own body, you can start incorporating some of the techniques you’ve learnt on your partner too, sharing the benefit of your experience. Not all bodies are the same, but a few methods can be incredibly effective at loosening tense muscles and removing stress.
  • Explore new ways to relax: It’s hard to feel sexy when you’re stressed out. If you’re struggling to unwind, set aside some time to untangle yourself with the things that are causing you to become anxious or frustrated. The more meditative aspects of tantra can greatly benefit your mental wellbeing, taking you out of a negative headspace, allowing you to focus on reconnecting with your body and soul through various tantric exercises. This will mentally and physically prepare you to have more rewarding sexual experiences alone or with your partner.

Can I use the art of tantra to rejuvenate my sex life?

Tantric acts are for everyone, no matter your age, gender or circumstances. Anyone can open themselves to the incredible benefits tantra has to offer. Whether you’re seeking to form a deeper connection with yourself or with your partner — or you’re simply looking try out some new erotic moves in the bedroom — tantric rituals are an amazing way to access your spirituality and greatly enhance your sex life.




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