Hot ‘n Heavy: Erotic Ways to Warm Up this Winter

Winter is the perfect time to stay inside and bundle up with your sweetheart. After all, there’s nothing quite like body heat to warm your form during harsh winter months. But why stop there when you could bring some creativity to getting hot and heavy? Give your central heating system a break this season by trying out temperature play during your next tryst!

Temperature Play: A Quickie Explainer

You may find yourself asking, “what the fuck is temperature play?” and honestly, that’s a fair question. Merriam-Webster’s dictionary describes temperature play as “the use of hot and cold temperatures during sexual stimulation” (legal disclaimer: no, they don’t). While low temps have their place in the temperature play game, we’re gonna focus on high ones in honor of sweater weather. 

Adjusting Your Erotic Thermostat

For beginners especially, it’s essential to match your heat degree to your pain tolerance, experience level, and preferences. After all, one man’s Jalapeno is another man’s Ghost Pepper. Consider the following sexual Scoville scale as your welcome gift to the temperature play club (which is very exclusive, I’ll have you know). 

Low Heat: Lube

Have you ever been mid-coitus and found yourself wishing things were just a little bit drier? Yeah, me neither. However, I have found myself wishing that my lube didn’t feel like it was made from the Ice Queen’s pussy juice. If you, too, notice that the colder months make you hesitant to break out your favorite lube, a warming lubricant dispenser will be your new best friend during cold spells. As the name implies, warming lubricant dispensers heat your lube of choice so you can reduce friction without sending chills down your spine. 

Wanna kick things up a notch? Make use of special warming lubes that produce a slight tingling sensation for a low-level way to climb the heat index. Warming lubricants are perfect for temperature play newbies as they’re generally mild in effect.

Medium Heat: Toys

Liberator fans are no strangers to Toyland, but even sex toy aficionados may not have experienced all that toys have to offer. For instance, sex toys can have an entirely different impact when heated up before use. There’s something wildly satisfying about being penetrated (or simply touched) by warm objects; heated stimulation can enhance whatever physical sensation is at play. Warmed-up sex toys are also great for those in-between lovers or in long-distance relationships as they mimic body heat for a more realistic feel. 

It should go without saying that microwaving sex toys is a no-go. The most efficient way to achieve this type of temperature play is by placing your toys in a warming pouch prior to playing. Warming pouches provide temperature control, so toys reach the ideal warmth and never go over that temperature, keeping them safe from burning or becoming damaged. Quality toys ain’t cheap, y’all, so don’t try to take any shortcuts here!

You’ll find that certain materials, such as glass and metal, give off a more intense heated feeling than others, like silicone, so consider the makeup of your masturbation tools before reaching for the warming pouch.

High Heat: Wax

It’s hard to imagine a romantic scene without candles somewhere in the mix. From tea lights in a steamy bath to fancy candle-lit dinners, candles often connotate romance and, consequentially, sex. While these uses are all fine and dandy, they hardly bring the heat. Take your candles from ornamental to interactive by getting into wax play, i.e., the act of dripping hot candle wax onto a person’s skin. 

When candle wax hits the skin, it creates a red-hot sensation, but only for a moment until it quickly dries. Repeat this dripping process intermittently for random sparks of heat that make your boo sweat upon contact (and in anticipation of when the next drip will occur.) The end result is a sexy splatter of dried wax that transforms naked bodies into abstract art. When all is said and done, you’ll never look at a Yankee Candle shop the same way.

Scalding Hot: Figging

Figging is a lesser-known BDSM act that generates majorly fiery feelings with the use of peeled ginger root. After removing its skin (and carving it into a butt plug shape), the ginger is placed inside the ass or pussy. It only takes a few minutes for the hot burning sensation to begin, making even the most masochistic subs squirm. Things get even more heated when muscles clench around the ginger root, making this practice perfect for impact punishment scenes where a sub is likely to clench involuntarily upon being hit. While the effects of figging only last for 20-30 minutes, the memory of its white-hot sensation will last a lifetime. If a spanking sesh isn’t enough to make a bottom behave, one that involves figging is sure to do the trick.

With a little imagination, staying home can bring more excitement than competing in the Winter Olympics. So shed your burly coat, hang up that fuzzy scarf, and keep stripping ’til you’re bare. When heating up means getting this steamy, you’ll look forward to every flurry that comes your way.

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